Poppins Upper Richmond Road

It’s Friday again and Poppin’s is on

Good food good fun Good time

Anybody up for it

Come on ya know ya wanna

Come on down or up to Poppin’s Upper Richmond Road

7-30pm onwards


Top Man Nice One

Now ya don’t have to say I couldn’t find it

should be up for that, just down the road for me and on the way to Ace cafe, sounds good

I might be too on my new stealthmobile (if I can find it, commin in from A40 W)

Will be there…

dont think i can make poppins but should be down at frith later and a very quick pop in to ace as well…

LMRR give me a call!!!

Same poppin is just a tad to far but will see what time i finish work and get home etc…will probably just go ace n frith…

Are you talking about the stealth bike? Or poppins?

Just get off the A40 at Hanger Lane and then follow the north circ south towards south circ, over chiswick roundabout, over kew bridge… all the way onto upper richmond road.

Might pop down later on this evening - heading up to the Ace for about 8ish tho, after a mad bike-cleaning mission which is long overdue.

I could be tempted to pop down too as I’m also just round the corner.

might pop down later as its not far from me,

what time is anyone going to be there?

Not too sure yet… about 8/8:30 at a guess

Top bod’s lookin good as a place to go 7-30 onwards see ya all then folks

A big thanks for the support

Sorry M9, i’ll be meeting at the Ace then onto Frith