POPPINS (upper richmond road east sheen)

As The summer is approaching and the days are getting longer, more people are wanting to go on a rideout rather that sitting aroundSo this is why im doing a poll to see what people would prefer

i personaly would rather it be once a month rather than once every two weeks

What do u as forum members think please take the time in ticking one of the boxes


Nice idea Ginge.

poppins is a ride out for some of us !!! (when we can make it):smiley:

I don’t see why we can’t do Poppins then a rideout afterwards and as I like the food there as opposed to the Ace then every two weeks is good for me :cool:

i cant vote cos i think once a month and chris thinks once every 2 weeks, so no point in us voting

yeah i do a rideout before and after poppins

from my home to poppins then square then home

and anway your rideout after would be going home as by the time some people finish at poppins its like 11pm lol

It would be nice to do a ride out as a group though. Y’know, all go the same place together.
Perhaps we could use Poppins (or the Ace) as a meeting place and go on a ride to somewhere else for some food/ hot chocolate etc.

The Square is getting a bit dry now IMO. ’ A change is as good as a rest ’ an’ that.

I don’t know where poppins is exactly but it is closer to me than the ace and I’m sure the food and prices are better value than the ace.

Once a month is good enough but every two weeks would make it more viable to make at least every other one.

11pm is early for a Friday night Ginger, the roads don’t close after midnight you know :wink: However i didnt mean stay at Poppins until the end :doze: I meant use it as the meet/eat point rather than the Ace ;)Plus I dont count going to and from Poppins as a rideout - London roads don’t class as a rideout in my book :stuck_out_tongue:

LB on a Friday isnt just about the Square Garret. We go out regularly on a Friday night, did some wicked group rideouts etc over last year, yet Grim & I have only been to the Square once :wink:

Two weeks for me, that way I’ll probably be able to make it to more of them :slight_smile:

I’ll love to do twice a month. But getting back to Watford is a little bit of a ball ache, can certainly drag my arse there once a month.

i like it on a 2 week basis mate.

poppins is a fantastic place to eat were the staff open espsh for us…ESPESH FOR US…

its a great meeting point were the staff know your name…its ultra clean,warm and inviteing…parking is awsome and a great meeting point for all of us to plan the night ahead…

in my honest opinion,its a good alternative to meeting at the ace as you can actully find the people your looking for on a friday night…#

i say keep it as it is as they prob do a good trade from us and it would be a shame to just shrug off all there hard work…;).

anyways…thats just my opinion…2 weeks for me:D.



Every two weeks for me too. No problem using that as a starting point for an evening rideout…eat early and get going by 9pm you don’t have to stay until 11pm, im sure the staff would rather everyone eats earlier so they don’t have to hang about all night waiting for us lot to clear off.

The Poppins management are great people who put themselves out for us lot, don’t mess them around with opening times etc.

Exactly :smiley:

Poppins should be the ones making the changes if they wish :wink:

yeah and remember its summerpeople want to go out on rideouts, i wasn’t going to change the days wiithout speaking to them first and as this is a members forum id thought id give the member a chance to have a say so ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh but seing atm most people want two weeks i think were gonna stick with that

Did you even read the comments properly? Try reading them again and taking the points made in, after all you asked us members for our ‘say’.Telling us to shhhhhhhhhhhhhh tut tut :rolleyes: