Poppins & Soho last night!

Full gallery here:


Was a cool night, thanks to Mike for sorting us out a new venue to try out before heading off elsewhere. I’ll go there again. Apologies though for the poor quality Soho pics, I had a camera-related-issue

It’s nice to see bikes in Frith St again Jay.

It sure is, though there were a couple of ignorant noise-makers who made people cringe. There was also a resident leaning out his window with a camcorder filming people. Fingers crossed. It was a good night, hope to see you down there some time mate! Many faces have changed…

Nice pics Jay! Lets hope the camcorder just picked up the general good feeling on the night instead of the idiots…

Oh my god…
you captured me as well Jay.

I didnt know it was you guys there. I was just meeting a friend and I was thinking…who are all these bikers?