Poppins Friday 9th November

Seeing as Mike has got a prob with his keyboard, I’ll stick the post up :smiley:

Friday 9th folks

Big milkshakes and good food

Poppins be on this Friday 7.00 till we go

So pop on down or up

Most of us meet at the Ace 1st and head up to poppins about 8:15.

im comming:w00t:

Oh so it is Poppins :w00t:

Yep we will be there :smiley:


We shall see, George might have to drive though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmmm… Milkshakes. Yum. I’ll pop down for a bit if I’m around :wink:

I’ll try to be there.

I’ll get Tug to bring his camara :D;)

I should be there, will give tug a chance to admire my bike:D

cant wait dan…when did you get the nice blue and white one then:hehe:)

I might be out, but I equally might go for a pootle oop norf depending on whether it’s cold and I’m being a pansy :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheeky! :rolleyes: :blush:

I think LB has seen enough pics of my bum for a year :wink:

Oh no we aint lusty!!! :w00t:

Think you might have overtaken ginger as the local LB sex pest:P

yes time to go in search of some more pics to confirm,

we will try popping down for a chat after we leave the chinese.

never been to poppins b4 but givven the fact i’m a newbie i’ll be there!

just to see that cbr 600 rr

Will try to come might be late as it’s Diwali today.


I can feel the banging the sticks & the lightbulb dance coming on :smiley:

Happy Diwali mate

What at the ace ? should be good entertainment then saves putting dosh in the jukebox :smiley:

Sorry for the no-show from me on friday, My Mrs isnt/wasnt well so decided it was best to stay in and look after her. Hope you had a good one:D