Poppins Friday 7th

:):D:) Poppins Friday 7th March :):D:)

This Friday is the handover of the money raised from the auction at Poppins
A night of fun and laughter with the LAA on hand to accept the money raised

The Night starts at 7.30pm ish and will run until we all gone

Also it is the return of the fortnightly Poppins meet with the milkshakes and the great food.

So come on make it a good one give your selves a well deserved pat on the back.

MCN and local papers have been contacted so who knows what will be.

should be about, you leaving from ace?

will be. :wink:

I promise not to be the second person there.

Any chance of you paying me the £40 you still owe from the Xmas Ben & Terry money Mike-M9, then I can get the books straight. :wink:



not you :slight_smile:

i’ll be there after 8

dunno if i’m gonnamek it now, front disc is buggered, so unless its sorted tommrrow day, i wont be there :frowning:

i’ll be there just after 8


so you should be there about now.

just got in bit cold, good turn out at leicester sq 38 bikes, not bad at poppins 32 and the car and van club were not out tonight,

BIG up to ginger when after taking the pi-- out of someguy the guy walked over and said come on i will take you all on, ginger was the first to walk over and front him,

Clint sorry mate about the OIL but it was worth it to see the look on your face

aye…fantastic night hanging out at poppins and well done m9 performance handing out the check to the LAA…

altho most of the regular people didnt turn up,we still had a fantastic time…

also wanted to add that citybikerscrew were out in force tonight and its always soo good to see them guys…always a laugh a minuite and i look forward to it every friday night…thanks again guys for making my sides hurt!!!

anyways…roll on the next one…!!!:D.


Paid direct to laa din’t trust t he system then dont trust it now

Great night good turn out

Would like to thank all the bods that turned up looking forward to the next one

smiled ya a star mate :smiley:

The system is sorted now Ang isdealing withit :wink:

Excuse me, but i was representing the car and van club Friday :stuck_out_tongue:

o yeah i forgot about seeing you with clothes on.

This is how rumours start, lol

That comment is unfair and out of order.

Damn right that’s out of order. What the hell, Mike!?

wheres the pics of the hand over?