Poppins Friday 4th July

Poppins is deff on Friday 4th July 7.30 till late
Poppins Good food good times and then on to what ever takes ya fancy
The milk shakes, Ice cream the food ya know it make sence.
Please remember this is a stunt free zone so please get it outta ya system before ya get there
This is not just a one forum event all welcome from all forums CD, LB, CBC,TLB, xt660,SV650, etc, etc ya get the picture.
Could be a good start to the weekend of madness

Plenty of time so ya can all say I knew about it

Great news its back :cool:

Pancakes & maple syrup here I come :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes,… pancakes maple syrup and wicked milkshakes … I will make the effort even though I’ll be taking the kids away very early the following morning :crazy:

Great news! Mike’s back!

ill be there

but coz its summer why not make it once a month lol

and winter every two weeks

get my drift

just giving this a friendly little bump


This Friday could well be the last time ever that Poppins stay open especially for us!

We need to support this day in force if you want to carry on using this establishment.
I am sure everybody will miss it on a cold winter’s evening.

So why not make the effort, that it deserves.

Where else do you know of that stays open especially for a particular group of people after their normal trading hours.

Poppins always make us welcome, serve good food and drink, have a pleasant atmosphere with good service and even let us have a laugh and joke whilst on their premises.


But please don’t forget that this is also the owners business ultimately - and therefore no matter how much he likes us or our motorbikes he must also make money or there is no point in him staying open the extra hours. Every business has costs, such as:
etc, etc

So if we want to keep on enjoying Poppins and the service that they provide for us then we must make a combined effort to make it worthwhile for them too.

What I am trying to say is on Poppins nights - Why not make Poppins the meeting/gathering point for that Friday night before going on a ride out or venture onto your next location.

Everybody meet at Poppins order food and drink - enjoy a good meal with friends and have a laugh.

Selling just hot chocolate or milkshakes alone will not be enough to make staying open the extra hours worthwhile for them.

Now this is your final chance if you want Poppins to stay - so make the extra effort to attend AND DON’T BE AFRAID TO EAT while you are there too!


… OR IN THE WORST CASE… BRING YOUR LOVED ONE (if you have to :-\ :’()

You could live to regret it once Poppins is gone… but once it’s gone, it’s gone!

The choice is yours… :-[ :-X :-\ :’( :wink:

p.s. While you are there why not ask if you can play a game of spoons - I am sure there are at least 2 members of the staff that would be up for this… if not play with Ginja

Sounds familiar…:stuck_out_tongue:

Really dont wanna pee on poppins parade here…but isnt this a tad kind of black mailish? i mean what if we cant make it there on friday and cos there wasnt enough money made for them to justify staying open, do we feel guilty for that? Really im not even trying to be funny…but before poppins, we all met at the ace, ate there etc etc…ace is there all the time for all sorts of things too?..

Dont get me wrong i like the people at poppins, they are friendly etc etc…but if you dont get a whole crowd of us going there from now on, they are not going to open for us? isnt that a bit like blackmailing us into going to keep the place open once a fortnight? You saying you want us all to go and bring whoever with us etc etc…or it will shut to us forever…kind of for me, is like…well…err…so what, i will go ace then?..and i dont mean that to sound sarcastic or anything although know it seems it…

I hope you do get enough to go friday to give poppins a chance to make enough money to say, ok we made enough so we will be open again in another couple of weeks…but this kind of blackmail over our heads is a bit much isnt it? Its like, i wonder if they made enough from us …is it on …is it off…? dont seem fair…well to me it seems like that anyway :frowning:

It was not ment to be seen as Blackmail as the ginger post has been copied and pasted form another forum due to the orignal poster being asked questions by other forum members.
The original post should have been copied and pasted or it should have just been bumped to remind people it is on as I can not copy and past or edit at this time.

Thanks Mike (m9)

…so has Poppins survived for another Friday night?

Hmm, was gonna ask same question earlier but thought id see who wrote up about how tonight went…but no one has so dont look good does it.,

yah twas a good turnout actually, i had some grub too and it wwas quite good! chips ARE better than ace, burgers aint tho, oh and i do liek the milkshakes.

to be fair i dnt mind both places, maybe make a monthly or evry other week event, the other spare fridays could be rideouts days?:slight_smile:


Was a good turn out however i think it should be a monthly event, say either the first or last friday of the month. That way it can be planned and the staff know if they are needed or not.

I’m happy with both Poppins and the Ace, i think it would be wrong for them to try and better the Ace due to the history and name the Ace has with the biking community. I agree also that in the winter it would be a nicer place to go, but then maybe it could open twice a month.

Just a few ideas for you all to discuss.

A Good Night Had By All
Good Turn Out
The Next One Is On

Friday 1st August

Thank You