Poppins Friday 28th

Poppins is on this Friday all welcome 7-00pm onwards pop on down or up :smiley:

lol Mark & I were just talking about this earlier… mmmmm milkshakessssssssssssss :w00t: We’ll be there!!

I’ll try and get meself down there.

What time are you there from?

Im coming, whos going from the Ace.

Have to give this one a miss as it’s Killers drinky this week too :frowning: providing I feel a bit better :wink:

Catch you all at the next one :slight_smile:

I will be but don’t know the way - the West is all a mystery to me :w00t:

I will be there, on way to work as per usual!

i’ll be about,

talk of milkshakes caught my eye!:smiley:

what time do you guys/girls stay there till ? if its not to late will pop in on way back from the Ace…

hoping to make it tomorrow - but have to talk to Andy. Never been to the west on the bike and need to follow someone.

will talk to Andy and hopefully see u all there…

weather permitting…

Doubt we’ll be there now, I’ve been awake most of the night ill and got to leave here by 5am tomorrow for Mallory so I;m going to stay in bed as long as I can today.

early night for me too tonight, need to be on form for mallory tomorrow!!:smiley:

Down the raod from me so shall make a point to coming :slight_smile:

I should be there with me missus.

It is pissing down in Cambridge, doubt I’ll make it now, by the time I’ve managed the M11 I’ll be soaked. :crazy:, again.

who is going, weather look crap really?


Ive just got back home from work and im knacard, so i won`t be going now and i have to work tomorrow.:angry:

Good night, good food, had a laugh next one in two weeks