Poorly Bike

Excuse the picture quality - taken on my iPhone in the freezing cold - I was shivering!

Snapped right side mirror

Snapped left side handlebar!

Bent clutch and left mirror

Dangling handlebar, smashed indicator and bloody wonderful crash bung!

Close up of that wonderful crash bung

Yes, there is a hole in it…

Bent pegs

Saviour of my exhausts!

Also, the front brake isn’t working, but I’m hopeful that the cable is just pinched somewhere. New parts are on order!

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch :w00t:

Wot on 'urf did you do with that poor thing?

Whoopsie-daisy! Hope you’re ok.

It’ll soon be fixed no worries, and I’ll bet you’ll have no shortage of help for any ‘difficult’ bits.

One of the best bits of being an ‘LB’r’ is the massive bucket full of knowledgeable and helpful bikers at your call.:smiley:


Nice bike, shame

Guess you’re alright???

Few more crash bungs wouldnt have gone amiss to proect that clutch cover !!

Ouch! :pinch:

hope you are ok …

Oh borroks! Looks like you’ve christened your bike then.

Although upsetting this is something that does tend to happen sooner or later to most of us - don’t worry - once you’ve repaced all the damaged parts it will be as right as rain.

oh no what happened are you ok?thats a plus side of having a naked bike that you dont need to replace expensive plastics.looks like you got of lightly :)it happens to the best of us

ARGH! What did you do to that lovely bike??? :crying:

And thats why i would’nt have bought a brand new big bike so soon after passing yer test:ermm: an older smaller cc bike would’nt have hurt yer pocket as much if you slung it down the road and you could have got more experiance before buying such a big bike.

you live and learn!! :stuck_out_tongue:

ouch put your nail s:D:hehe: away

bike is can be fix

hope you are ok

Very sorry to hear of this, Hanna, but good job you’re ok with no permanent injuries (hopefully).With a slide like that, did you lowside it? Looks like the kind of damage that results from a close encounter with a patch of diesel, or loose road surface. Whatever happened, it’s easily done, you just have to put it down to experience.

That is a lovely bike and I hope you get it fixed ok - and that you get healed ok :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I’m okay, somewhat bruised down my left hand side. Kit did it’s job - helmet is binned!

Big bike? 675cc? New yes, very big no.

It was a lowside. Back end slid out - consensus was that the sidewalls of my tyres haven’t been scrubbed in (this was my first ride-out and therefore the first time that the sides of the tyres have really been used) and therefore slippy. That, plus me misjudging the corner and not having the experience to correct it meant a slow drive back in the recovery vehicle.

I live, I learn. That’s what matters.

If you have the original Dunlops on your bike, then they are widely thought of as being a bit rubbish (putting it politely). If you’re on the Street Triple forum, I heard that they go mad over the Dunlops Roadsmarts instead of the originals. They’re good. Just a thought, if you’re thinking of changing tyres after this.

As regards a smaller old bike, well if you have the means, its your pockets you have to dip into!! :slight_smile:

The main thing is that you made it through fairly unscaithed, feel free to contact me to do and appraisal for the repairs, Can collect if necessary.

Ouch - been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. And I still have the problems with my left knee, 13 years later :w00t:

And you should go on a slower ride if you dont have so much experiance. You wouldnt have pushed yourself to keep up.

Holy fvck at the handlebar, i have never seen any snap like that, how sh1t are they?

Sounds like you are pretty much fine in terms of injuries, which is of course the most important part! Screw the bike, being alive and having everything in tact is what matters :smiley:

As for not buying a big/new bike so soon after your test… surely that’s all dependent on wealth? Depends how much cash you have to spend on biking :slight_smile:

I’m always crashing me :smiley: