Poorly bike ... any ideas who can help fix it?

I bought a P Reg BMW F650 about 2 years ago (before I passed my test) … then never got round to actually using it for one reason or another … so it basically just sat and gathered dust. I’ve spent today fitting a new battery/giving it a bit of a clean up … but after running once or twice this morning … it refused to start again … so I pulled the battery back out (thinking I’d killed it trying to start it too many times) and stuck it on charge for an hour while I went to lunch … came back to find it had pis*ed itself of all its petrol from the carb overflow (or so a bloke I work with thinks - since it hasn’t been switched on for a long time - he said they’d likely be gummed up and need stripping/cleaning?)I’ve had a quick look around online - and it looks like a common problem with the F650 - that the yanks have named it “pukin petrol” and there is plenty about it online : LINK

Any idea who could help fix it/which garages I should be calling … and any idea how much I should be paying? I’ve messaged Adz and Ricky already and hopefully one of them will be able to help … but just in case they can’t, makes sense to have some fall back options.

I’d need it picking up from my office (EC2) - taking away to be fixed since I’d be pushing my luck a bit too much having someone on site fixing it - getting it running … possibly dropping somewhere for an MOT … then bringing back to my office.


Adam from Optiflow will come and get it fixed onsite. Give him a call 07958 484215.

It’s a single cylinder one isn’t it? carb cleaning should be very easy - have a go yourself :smiley:

charge battery, clean plugs and air filter and try to start it, if there isd crap in carbs by just sitting doing nothing it cant be much, if you get it started by doing the above should clear the carb, you could also if get started spray some carb cleaner into carb while bike is running and revving it a bit.

cant see why it should be clogged badly if sitting doing nothing.

Choprocker Sorry, but I have to disagree.

The lead free stuff currently on sale doesn’t like sitting around and degrades pretty fast.

A couple of race car people I know drain their tanks when they get home and stick what’s left in the family hack. They then re fill their tanks the morning of the next meeting with fresh stuff bought from busy, fast turn over garages.

O.k. That may be extreme but I’m pretty sure two years of sitting around will have the fuel gumming up in the carburettor at least.

Get a mechanic to see to it.

lol, your prob right m8 i somehow missed the bought it 2 yrs ago bit.


the pickup service apparently costs £35 but they may make it cheaper seeing as its pretty close