Poor miles per gallon from central London riding!

Please bear with me as I am just getting used to my new(ish) bike…

The last time the low fuel light came on I went by Shell and put 13 litres into the tank of my Honda CBF500 (2004 model).

During these cold months I have only done the occassional riding in central London, and I only got 96 miles until the fuel lights came on again today. I guess I would have expected more.

Any opinions much appreciated :slight_smile:

Many variables, such as riding style and ambient temperature…In winter, cold, denser air, means bike runs leaner. Petrol burns quicker (and you get a slight increase in performance). Could be an explanation.Fuel injection systems normally compensate by increasing idle revs and richening the air/fuel mix…

Is your bike FI?

A poorly adjusted chain will also reduce MPG.

sounds about right - thats 33mpg

I Couriered on one for a winter, got about the same around town and less on a motorway doing some speed

Now you only get 60 to a tank :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 on the others, sounds about right to me.Afro - Its a CB500…

Yeh stick to Tyre’s Afro :stuck_out_tongue:

:ermm: Sounds bloody awful to me. I commute on my '98 CBR600 from Chelmsford down the A12 (not hanging about!) and then across London to Vauxhall. Average 56mpg, 13 litres will take me about 165 miles. I’d expect at least the same from a 500 unless you’re really caning it.

to be fair the a12 is motorway speeds for most of that journey, and only a small proportion of your journey is in town in terms of mileage. if you’re just in town start to finish, you’re gonna do a lot worse than that

my r1 does 110 miles from 16ish litres. i get better fuel economy on track than i do on full tanks in the city!

For a parralell twin that sounds ludicrously thristy to me.

My 2000 GSX750F manages 52 mpg from it’s 20 litre tank on the Journey down the A23 from Reigate (About as congested as money can buy).

I thought it would have been mid 50’s minimum :frowning:

I manage 120 miles before my light comes on and then i still have another 4 liters left to play with. am i riding too slow?

you get 230miles off a tank??

210 to 218 to a tank, but close.

My last fill on my VFR 800 v-tec was 17.5 litres, at which point I’d done 160 miles (give or take) - aprox 41mpg - of mixed dual carraige way (A13) and urban (London and Southend). On one of the two days this accounts for I’d been taking it easy on the other less so. I know I can get better but I also know I can get worse :wink:

Check your tyre pressures as that can effect economy as well…

haha, then thats closer to 47 mpg then. either way you’re seeing the petrol stations a hell of a lot less than me :Whistling:

even when the a23 is congested, you can normally keep moving at a decent speed, and there are no traffic lights. in the city, even with aggressive filtering you’re lucky to be averaging over 20 mph for your journey, and you’re constantly accel/decel from lights, adjusting for traffic, filtering etc. then add to what afro has said about the weather like your weight, riding style, tyre inflation, a/f set up, 2up riding etc

probably :wink:

give your bike to terry and see if he can do any better :wink:

by the way, your reserve is 3.5litres and i’d stay the right side of 20miles unless you fancy a walk of shame (speaking from experience on that one)

No reds? you’re kidding me right?I counted how many times I got stopped at reds a while back. 52 mile journey (return) 22 times per journey!St.Reatham, Brixton and Purley Way being the main culprits…I understand your point though, constantly stopping and starting does kill your mpg. I find it good to anticipate lights on a known journey and keep up momentum so, if possible, you dont come to a full hault at reds. Not sure it works mind, and in any event I’m happy with that MPG considering I get from Reigate to the City in 45mins - so I’m not hanging around…

About 45mpg on my SV650 (70miles per day). I like the sound of 56mpg from an old CBR6!

Ha no walk of shame for me i always fill the tank once i get over 100 miles warning light or not.:cool:

Tis true. http://www.spritmonitor.de/en/detail/163200.html