Poor Guy


Think i’d give up the future wife

I’d put the missus up for sale instead, and change the tag line to ‘forced to give up future wife by motorcycling’ :laugh:

edit: damn, beaten to it by buttonmonkey!!

he could always enter this instead

I think he’s mad. Anyone who expects you to give up summin you love just isn’t worth knowing.

So your sitting there with nothing else to do but trawl the forum as well then :smiley: :smiley:

+1. He’s obviously not a very keen motorcyclist if he allows something as silly as this to stop him, probably had a few scares and is looking for an excuse to stop.

you know it!!

Who the hell has two bromptons and happens to be looking for a Fazer!

He is p*ssywhipped, she needs to go

it don’t bode well for a long and happy marriage

And there was I thinking ‘Brompton’ was slang for ‘balls’!! :wink:

Grow a pair would be my best advice to this guy…

kato (03/09/2010)

:D:Dhttp://www.gumtree.com/london/67/64832367.html[/quote]poor guy? nah i’d call him a w*nker.

I’m more confused as to why she is making him give it up. Maybe she lost somebody in an accident or something and doesn’t want any risk of going through that again.

Why do it… the future is already cast for that guy.