Poor bunnies

They are being burnt for power, poor things, i know they multiply too much, and I know its cos I’m female that I think this is iffy, but they are poor little bunny rabbits, cute and twitching noses!!


Those clever Swedes. The rabbits are not indigenous and are causing lots of problems in the parks damaging vegetation etc… So a good use for them. Basically they are released pets that have multiplied. So recycled bunnies for energy and BioFuel is very clever. Why can’t we do this with bike thieves and scrotes…

I know, such a waste … During the cold months, they’d be better off having a nice hot bowl of bunny stew :wink:

i’ll be in stockholm at the end of the month so i’ll benifit from them :smiley:

Yeah, but how are they supposed to get that bowl hot without torching the bunnies? Huh? Huh ?


You’re all mean people, like the idea of using bike thieves and scrotes though, what a deterrent!:smiley:

Jackie was in Sweden last week. She said the parks etc in Stockholm are overrun with rabbits - unlike here they are descended from escaped and released pets so are not brown but display all sorts of colour and coat mutations. She said it looked strange seeing “wild” rabbits that looked just like pets!

this story reminded me of happy tree friends! (can be watched on youtube, dont know why anyone would want to)


They just need a few dozen foxes to keep them at bay - we can make a donation of at least 6 from our street alone.

I like Mel’s idea of using bike thieves instead of bunny rabbits – There appears to be just as many of them, they’d burn longer and are far less cute! :slight_smile: