Poor braking, rear wheel not spinning freely

I have a 1999 kawasaki ER5 with rear drum brake, i have been told by a trainee mechanic that i need a new cush drive and that is on my to-do list but recently have noticed especially poor braking from the back (not suprised as the useful range indicator is near its end) but when i lubed the chain yesterday i realised that the wheel spins freely until in one position where by it stops.
It has a newish chain and it is only in this one position that the wheel stops spinning…

I will be changing the brake shoes soon but does this sound like there might be a problem with the wheel too?

chain not tight or any tight spots? i know you said new chain but worth look first…

it not much to worry about though.

yeah sounds like a tight spot in the chain as mentioned above

either that or there’s some crap bouncing around inside the drum…

Cheers guys, it has had a hard life so wouldn’t be suprised if there is gumf in drum.
If its the 2000 mile old chain one will not be amused :Whistling:

probably not a problem with the chain but if there is not enough slack in it then it could tighten up at a point in the sprocket revolution. Those sprockets are hardly ever concentric, especially if your cush rubbers are getting old.

Okay it is actually the rear drum set up that is buggered, the brake pedal hardly moves and if it will move the brakes stick on and wont release, have tried moving the position of the brake pedal and tightening and loosening the brake rod with the spring on and no improvement, i think this is a job for a professional rather than me, unless there is a simple answer i am missing

it may just need stripping and clean, lube. but more than likely will need new shoes.

Aye, the cam in the drum will probably need a spot of lube and a new set of brake shoes

could be a tired return spring?
and in need of a general lube up (obviously none on the drum or shoes!)

You may as well stick new shoes on it
I don’t mind giving you a hand if you want to save yourself a few bob… :slight_smile:

take the damned thig to bits and have a look. if the wear indicator is at the limit then you are gonna need new shoes. get these BEFORE you take it to bits. ER5 has a centre stand so its an easy job. as for your worn cush rubbers… if your a cheapskate like me… just chop up an old plastic milk carton with some scissors and shim the cush drives out to remove the slop

ah for the record, it was a knackered brake rod, simple fix and now it works like a charm