Pooh Sticks Competition 2015. Sunday 10.10. 15

Been on a road test up and down the lanes this morning and my pillion is having having difficulty hanging on so I’ve trussed 'em up with a couple of bungees to assist and alls good, we’re on our way :wink:

Trussing up with bungees is always good for grinding a pillion :slight_smile:

See you all at the car park…

On my way to box, see you soon

We’re coming!!! I’m still in bed though, leaving in 10, can someone call me as I have Bluetooth and can meet en route? 07795280973

Just to upset them, I’ve parked up in between all the Harleys.

Hope you all have another fun Pooh Sticks rideout :slight_smile: We’re not quite back from riding around Spain or we’d join you too

What a wonderful day, glorious weather and great company, thanks Jets for leading and NT with Pooh tailgunning.

Your champion has arrived home safely… Lovely day out, thanks to the J’s, Art and Pooh.

Thankyou for a really great day out, my first pooh sticks!! Thanks to the jets for leading, organising the rabble and providing sticks!! Thanks to the great Art for tailgunning with pooh and putting up with my loud exhaust!! Was lovely to see the motley crew again. Hopefully won’t be too long before we join you again x

Not even hungry… Just enjoying the spoils!!!

First things first, congrats to Timmy for winning and everyone for playing fair (for a change).
The collection for LAA raised £78. Well done all. With Gift Aid added this is topped up to £97.50
The link to the LAA Justgiving page is here https://www.justgiving.com/londonaa/ - if you want to see the LB donation, look soon cos as more people donate we’ll go down the list. Have tried to post a screenshot - will try again

We can not find the link for the LB dedicated LAA JustGiving page, so have donated it straight on to the LAA page.

There you go:

Good day, despite my early exit from the competition. Thx to our illustruious leaders and tail gunner.

Big thanks to Art & Winnie the Pooh for tailgunning and to everyone else for turning up - some old faces were out today!

Photos to follow - thanks for the screenshot Tim. You will see below that you were getting your arse checked out big time - shame one of the ladies is just married and one just about to be!!!

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Big congratulations to Timmy for winning. Not at all bitter about being knocked out in the first round. Damn you stretch!!!:rage:

Big thanks to jets for organising and leading and for NT for tail gunning. Great to meet some new people although I think they’ve all been on the forum for much longer than me.

It’s defiantly time to switch to textiles for an all day rideout. I was frozen by the time I got home. :grin:

Great day out again with the Jets :-). Not been on one of your ride outs for a while… Never fails to get my feet wet on your rides :-). Cheers.

I’ll take that! Although I think they might have been checking out my boots, trying to work out if they were waterlogged.
Upon inspection when I got home, both feet and socks were try as a bone.

Thanks to the Jets for organising a leading, Art and pooh for tail gunning and everyone for a lovely day, good to see you all :slight_smile:

Thanks for a great day guys…Combining a rideout with a pooh sticks competition is a first for me but enjoyed both and at least I lost to the winner…Well done Tim…