Pooh Sticks Competition 2015. Sunday 10.10. 15

I might come and join you for lunch - any idea about time? :slight_smile:

Whenever we get there - depends on the size & speed of group!

See you at Box hill

gutted we wont be there, hope you have a successful day out. xx

Gutted too :frowning:

Stevie we’ll try to work out a rough time plan tomorrow

That’s great, thank you. Nick can send a message when you’re on you way too, shouldn’t take me longer than an hour and a half to get there…

I’ll see you all at Boxhill. I’m planning on being there early, 9:30ish, so I can have a smoke and a tea.

Those who are meeting at Boxhill, I’m on a yellow Hornet.

Hey Timmy I’m planning on getting there about the se time.

I’ll be on the blue sv. As don’t know faces of many these days

Sounds good…Meet you at Boxhill Chris for 10am Departure…

The Sleeper - I’ll be heading to Box from Sidcup if you see this message and fancy some company?

Another one for pick up at the box :slight_smile:

Hey Napa sounds good where do you want to meet up?

Don’t mind…Which way do you normally go to Box? M25, A25 or another?

I can go along the A222 until Bromley, Shortlands or Beckenham or even cut down towards Biggin Hill…I have a Sat Nav so can meet anywhere you know really??

Shaping up to be another good competition. Remember to listen to the rules at Pooh bridge and abide by them or face and accept the forfeit.

Napa want to meet at shortlands station at about 8:30?.

I’ll go through croydon Epsom that way I don’t use the motorway. Will be about an hour from shortlands

Shortlands Station at 8:30 sounds good…see you then…I’ll be on a Black Z1000SX.

“I don’t use the Motorway” is music to my ears :slight_smile:

See you then…

See you then…

Pick yer characters and learn the song:

We`ll try and guess who you are at lunch time.

I`m Owl.

It’s a little late to call it fancy dress

No fancy dress, just a quick referaence to, Stanislavski`s system of method acting.

Just bring yer usual character actor pillion and you’ll probably win :)))