Pooh Sticks Competition 2015. Sunday 10.10. 15

Well it`s that time again, after last years break in honour of Serrisan who miscalculated some mud on a straight road, we are prepared to run this iconic ride again, which has been running since 2010.
One for all the Pooh Bear officianados.

This ride involves a ride to a bridge where we drop in sticks. Which will be provided.

Depart The Ace 9.00am, Box Hill 10.00am.

Jay has reinstated the “Search” function on LB - it is at the top right of the page, signified by a magnifying glass, which you can use if you want to re-run the last few years of the Poohsticks Challenge to see what it is all about. (eg here: https://londonbikers.com/forums/posts/388422/sun-6-april-poohsticks-ride-official-notification)

As above, sticks provided, no cheating allowed, Mrs National Treasure donated some very fine honey as a prize which will not have gone off yet, and you also get a badge if you win.

Anyone in???

Maybe this time we`ll get official recognition and an accredited LB photographer along :slight_smile:

As is traditional, there will be a (non)voluntary contribution collected from each attendee of £3 which will be donated directly to the London Air Ambulance, LB’s main charity, that evening.

All weekend off so I’m in!:blush: See you at the ace. :grin:

Sounds like a plan. Missed out last year, can’t remember why :confused:

Do you have an ETA for arrival at said bridge? We may be going to a wedding Fayre on Sunday but if we can get out of it early could drive in the car and meet you there? Then anyone could leave any gear in the car for the walk down to the bridge.

We would need exact postcode to the car park as my previous attempts to find it have failed miserably :smiley:

By the way, isn’t Sunday the 11th?

I’ll see you at Box Hill… The wife said I’m allowed off of my chain this weekend

Ooops Sunday is 11th :frowning:

I’m still in

I should be back from Glasgow on Saturday so all being well I’m in

Here’s the carpark

Thanks Gav, we were just about to say the bridge doesn’t have a postcode. Alex we’d love to see you if you can escape but have no idea what time - we could txt you when we arrive at the lunch stop if there is signal - the competition is after lunch

That’s great… We’ll be in Brighton so should take us about 40ish mins to get there.

Maya knows nothing of this so if she wants to spend all day at the fair, our sticks will ahve to wait till next year :smiley:

Pooh Car Park is on Chuck Hatch Lane, the nearest postcode is TN7 4EX which should get you to Chuck Hatch Road. It’ll be nice to Alex and Mayo not laying on their backs for a change :wink:

With the aid of a black marker pen 2014 becomes 2014/15
I’ll have the usual pillion onboard
Not sure I should be supporting The London Air Ambulance though

why not NT? has the LAA let you down in someway?

Whoops sorry, I do support the LAA as you will see on Sunday. My comment was a reference to my hour of need when I was tended to by the Great North Air Ambulance


Note to all BRING CASH. Firstly for the LAA collection but also as THE LUNCH STOP DOES NOT TAKE CARDS

I’m heading from the beckenham/penge area to box hill on sunday (proabably about 8:30-8:45) if anyone fancies meeting up beforehand.

Damn, football duty and it’s midday so l can’t even drive down in time.

Oh, may be in for this…

We might be in a car too.

See you at the Ace