Just doing my bit for cheeeeerity mate!

The Dogs Trust are hosting an evening at Canary Wharf on 16.11.06 (this thursday) from 6pm til 9pm. Tickets cost £10.

There will be:

Free giveaways, An exclusive goody bag, Restaurant and shopping discounts, London Community Gospel Choir, Dance workshops, Live music, and much much more!

Please see:


Thanks guys

how many lady bikers are going to this then???


Whatcha saying Joe?

i just bring my dog whistle and see who hears it…

Good morning sincere. long time no see… might pop down to Cubana on weds to say hello…

Indeed - long time no see!! nice one joe!!

I look forward to seeing to you fella

Whats that faint high pitch squeak i keep hearing …oh its ok its only Joes brain ticking over…cor for a mo i thought it was that ol dog whistle again !!! phew…does my head in that does, hearing it more the older i get…

thought you would get in on the act…no getting on the furniture now…

CUBANA Wednesday…ERM!!!

Check ???

Brazen Head comes to mind

Yes that’s right the Brazen is the place to be now on from winter Wednesday nights - but there are some of us who will be going to Cubana tomorrow.

hi taz…check this. me is going to cubana. cos i want to meet up with certain people, rather than lb meet…

I will get round to going to brazen head soon though…