Polythene burnet onto chrome exhaust

Went out for a lovely 80 mile ride this afternoon. At 70mph on the motorway a large industrial polythene bag blew in front of me.

Not going to get hurt by a poly bag I thought, but when I got home I found it had wrapped around both chrome exhausts and was melted and burned black.

Any ideas for removing it?

nasty dude! no idea how to approach that… vinegar normally gets most things off… but not sure how it reacts with chrome.

this happened to my Harley and you have to wait til its cold and pick away …then gentle rubbing with the chrome cleaner…

it took f o r e v e r

good luck sweetheart

yes salee, in the end it will come off. happened to me. i used my nails

Yep its going to be a slow process.

Currently having some success with a hot air gun and a piece of soft wood to remove the bulk of it, then using the wifes oven cleaner to get most of the rest off.

Can believe it covered about 3ft of exhaust pipe

brake cleaner or petrol (when the exhaust has cooled down) - works wonders!!! be sure to clean them off after - furniture polish will do!!!

why didnt i know you four years ago…LOL

I’m glad you asked this since I have a mysterious black smudge on the inside edge of my pipes ust under the tank???

Flip knows how it got there but now I know how to get it off - I won’t be smoking while I do it though…

OK after 4 hours I have just finished cleaning off the mess. On the hottest part of the chrome pipe the polythene was burned black, on the coolest it was melted clear plastic, and the rest was somewhere between. Bloody disaster

Polythene is a thermoplasic, which means it softens with heat. It is also insoluble in petrol, brake fluid, WD40 and all other common solvents, which is why it is used for containers.

I found heat from a hot air paint stripper and a soft wooden stick was best at removing the bulk of the PVC. This was followed up by several soakings of oven cleaner (each left on to work for 30 minutes), and finally I picked the last bits off with my fingernail!

If anyone else gets near a polythene bag on the road, I advise to steer well clear

Paint stripper of the Nitromors variety dissolves it, though I’d be well careful using it on chrome and have lots of water handy!