Polish girls - For you GoF!

My mate sent me the link, enjoy

It’s something like amihotornot.com



ok, so who is up for a road trip…

Yearh im up for it, as being single sucks

Pete, there may be some sucking involved even if you’re with someone, just to warn you…

(G)Rottie, mate, if it’s that good in Poland, what are we all hanging around here for?

Coz half of these chicks is already here…

What do you think, where did Steve get this Polish urge?

Anyway, I’ll send you some pics from Copacabana soon and then we can compare: Poland vs England vs Brazil…

And the winner is…:


That’s what you find in Google Images when you type Tahiti :

and this:


Who’s with me??

"That’s what you find in Google Images when you type Tahiti "

She’s from Bucks though!

Oh, you horrible guys!

Nice! And I’m off to Poland in a couple of weeks with Strag

That’s cool! Let me know if you need anything!

I thought that it wouldn’t be out of place in this topic:

Napster Commercial


all I’ll need is 30secs though… LOL


http://www.bajer.pl/?id=5752 but whats she pointing at?

She found the “G spot”?

GoF likes polish women???
Cheeky little facebook link on monday for him…

Woah, woah woah!

Way to dig up old threads dude! :wink:

Although I will admit this one is a corker.