Polis - A11 Mile End Road

Saw the polis pulling loads of bikes on the way in this morning. I must’ve looked like a law abiding shitter rider as I trundled on through.

Any ideas what they were up to?

theyve been doing a lot of checks down camden road and holloway road recently, somehow…everytime I looked down i was doing 30 :w00t: phew!!!

The Police had a van and a few bikes. No speed check equipment that I could see. The scooty puff jnr in front of me got pulled over for no apparent reason. There was a few other bikes pulled over as well.

Maybe it was a targetted check for tax and all that shite.

ERm…it’s in the post mate. :wink:

Must be that time of year or something. They were pulling HGVs over on the Embankment on the westbound run up towards Parly Square.

But I also passed the A11 lot - it seemed pretty random from what I could see.

Loads of police just before elephant and castle walworth road then after E&C in St georges road earlier in the week, funny thing was they pulled loads of cyclists (Loads - though it was some kind of bikesaftey thing)

Also funny watching all the bikers not filtering when plods around, like they can’t remember whats legal anymore.:stuck_out_tongue:

I saw them along the A11 this morn too. As stated there was no speed cameras or obvious reason why they’d pulled certain bikes over - just glad my front wheel was on the floor when I passed them!!;):smiley:

Derail! I love the bemused look on cyclist’s faces when the police do a targetted stop and pull them over for running reds etc. Gives me a warm glow. :slight_smile:

Yes, I bimbled past the A11 lot yesterday too. Maybe it was ANPR and they had a sneaky van somewhere near Bow Road Station?