policeman without helmet

Ask yourself why they do not wear helmet in Napoli (Italy)

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnq35jj01ms in elglish

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ybyW06pMbWY&feature=related (another policeman without helmet in front of several other policemen, which they do not do anything)

I believe I understood the reason!!!


so they can see better around???

I’d guess it’s so that they don’t look like policemen?

I would have thought it would be a lot harder to spot them as part of the general populace by those people they are trying to search/arrest without a helmet as they look more like Joe Public, unless of course it’s just because they don’t want helmet hair?!? :w00t:

What do expect from an italian, if they wear a helmet it will ruin there hair.:smiley:

sorry you are wrong, I lived in Italy and almost everywhere you must wear a crash helmet, but not in some part of Napoli (where the criminality is very high). I believe people refuse to wear it so they can be recognized and not killed by rival gangs. I saw a tv program where they summarized that only criminal wear crash helmet (and before an illegal act).


if one day you are in Napoli, you should try and wear a black crash helmet and go around the town!!!
You will change your mind


Who’d have guessed there was a revolver under that scarf!? :w00t: