Policeman leaves gun in cafe

Someone’s gonna get an ass kickin:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7597381.stmPolice gun left in cafe’s toilet A police firearms officer left a gun in the toilets of a coffee shop where it was found by a member of the public, the Metropolitan Police (Met) has said. The firearm was left in the toilets of a branch of Starbucks in Edgware Road in central London last Friday. The female officer concerned has now been removed from operational duties while an investigation is carried out. The pistol was eventually linked to her when police compared its serial number to those logged at a police armoury. A Met Police spokesman said: "A police-issue firearm was left unattended in a central London cafe on 29 August and was found by a member of the public. “The weapon belongs to a Metropolitan Police authorised firearms officer who was on duty at the time.” An investigation is being carried out by the force’s Directorate of Professional Standards.

Of all the places to leave it too. :blink:

ermm sorry broady couldn’t of been you jus noticed it says female officer, unless there’s something your not telling us :Whistling:

It’s not so bad. We all leave workthings lying around. Can’t find the stapler? lost that calculator? Same thing really.

hmmm i like that, not the fact that she reported it lost :w00t:

Whoops…could be a very expensive Latte she had

yea but a gun’s a bit different, when i was in the army if your rifle was outta arms distance you’d get a good kickin :w00t:

no doubt she probably gonna lose her firearms entitlement??

I’ve just read the report again…it was linked to the female officer by the serial number…which sounds to me like she hadn’t actually reported it lost at the time? I can’t imagine the world of **** she’s in at the moment though & I feel sorry for her supervisor - he’ll be writing until christmas 2010 about this.

too bloody right , i should hope so :angry:

She might be losing her job

She was no doubt too busy stuffing her face with doughnuts. :stuck_out_tongue:

in the army its a courtmarshall and your out likely, I guess it will be like that for her too…but come on who hasnt left their rifle lying around at some time and thought oh bother…I know I have…its easily done but it is still a bit of bad news for her…

I don’t understand how she could come to put her gun down in the loo in the first place. was she playing with it in the stall because she forgot to bring a book? did she put it down when she went to wash her hands? did she take it out her handbag while rifling around for headache tablets?

Cheeky sod!!!

. . . does that mean Tony Bliar was unprotected for a few days, darn, another missed opportunity :Whistling:

Please note the lack of denial though… :laugh:

Now THAT would be a picture id pay to see! :w00t:

Without giving too much away she would have taken it off to carry out her business,it would’nt have been immediately obvious to the staff until they opened the bag.

I lost my mind somewhere, is that the same thing.:smiley: