Police vs Harley


Whoah… That’s wrong on so many levels. Glad things are different over here…

I remember my mate getting chased after he refused to stop in Palmers Green on a Blade - they eventually rammed him off and ended up paying for his new frame !!

Thankfully things are different over here but then again … I’ve got no sympathy !

Anyone that fails to stop deserves anything and everything they get … only saying that as the ‘rearholes’ that do it have a big chance of killing someone else as much as they do of killing themselves.


That’s sick, they could have killed that guy. American cops are jut bat-sh*t crazy.

The rider is a complete idiot, he should have know you cant out ride a car on a Harley slow, cant and go road corners. He should of done it on a Gixser1 then he would have got away with it.