Police using an unmarked Silver BMW GS on the A13... and biker down this am

Silver GS with the “I’m wider than a mini” metal panniers on. I saw him last night on the way home he was in a laybay in fluo gear. I assumed he was a cop but I was of course riding sensibly so no problem.

Saw it again stopped at an RTA (biker on A13 westbound at about Alfreds Way). The bike had the flashing lights on so it confirmed by suspicions from the night before.

The biker down incident had a lot of police activity (probably to sort the traffic chaos). Hopefully not serious.

Rats… swift overtake of him on the way home during filtering…


LOVING the new avatar…

I know what fun means, not always intend to be part of it, but I know.


Another reason to despise BMW’s and their drivers… Johnny Funstopper!