Police Training Courses

It’s for a mate, but has anyone got any contact details, or can recomend one?:smiley:

Not a great deal of help but it seems a lot of IAM instructors are ex police.

Might be a starting point?

Your mate wants to ride for (join) the Police? Or just ride like a copper?

Bikesafe is a 1 day course with police riders giving advice, I did it at the Warren (near Beckenham). I think it was £40 for the day and that included lunch at Frankie & Benny’s :smiley:

If you’re after a quick polish up of your skills then I’d highly recomend it - I did it a few months after my DAS and my riding improved noticeably over the day.

Here’s a thread I started after I did the Met’s BikeSafe course in Bromley recently: http://londonbikers.com/forums/860156/re-met-bikesafe-today

A great day, well worth the time and money.

Book here: BikeSafe London

Yeah I did the BikeSafe course too - well worth it and LB members get a £10 discount.

You can then go on to do IAM http://www.iam.org.uk/the_advanced_programme/theadvancedprogrammeaskillforlife.html

He has got back into bikes, bought himself another R1, now wants to improve his riding.


Have spoken to him and he say’s Bromley was brought up in the conversation he was having with someone else about this…HMMM!!!

speak with Aiesman here in the forums, he can help you out with the Bikesafe days etc. :slight_smile:

Thanks again people

Just one more thing, would a group of LB’ers be interested in maybe booking a date, and all going up together? Bring along outsiders if they wished?

£45 each or £75 for 2

I’ve only recently passed my DAS tested, was intrested in doing some advanced riding courses - I’d be up for this, however its best to probably get a few more miles under my lid first.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, speak to Aiesman here on the forums. He can get you a price that’s lower than the discount for two you mention ;-).

I’m going on the one designed for 125/L next Monday (they call the learner one “ScooterSafe” instead of “BikeSafe”).


Aiesman has recently organised two Bikesafe events one starting from North London and one from South London. Both run by the Met and a highly worthwhile day - even if your the worlds best rider (which realy none of us are) you still get a good days riding, watching and being watched by the pro’s.

OK. Thanks.

Will be looking into doing in the future…