Police target innocent protestors

It’s a very worrying time to live in when the police target innocent people for voicing facts about how poorly the world is run:


na squatters!!

Of course all the protesters are innocent, not one of them would do anything other than be peaceful and sing happy clappy songs. The ACAB signs on the building in soho have been put up by the cops themselves as the lovely protesters would never do such a thing.
Of course all the cops are facists and want to target the happy clappy protesters.

I actually can’t believe that business people, shop staff and visitors should be able to to go about the West End without intimidation or interference, they should face groups of a hundred plus who want to target stores and the staff that work in them and bully them into thier way of thinking. Why should the rest of the public be allowed to think their own way and do what they want.
These nasty Police men stopping the poor man jumping off the building, how dare they.

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Innocent ?

John Emmerson, 32, who works a few doors down on Beak Street, said the squatters clashed with a group of suited men on Friday evening. He said: "They got here around 4 o clock on Friday about maybe seven of them.

"Almost straight away there was a fight between them and around five guys wearing suits. I don’t know what it was over but it was a fair old tussle with punches thrown and everything. Since then maybe 50 or so more have come, though it is hard to tell because it is such a massive building. "

“This is ongoing and officers remain at the scene. I can however confirm there have been six arrests including two for possession of articles with intent to commit criminal damage, one for assault on police, one for criminal damage, one for possession of an offensive weapon and one for failing to remove a face covering under Section 60AA.”


Wow another riot where photographers outnumber rioters.

Buzabaz - you’re a copper right?

What’s with the arrests for “failing to remove a face covering” ? Is this now a criminal offence? Should we bikers be worried?

As I understand it, from memory, it is something that can be enacted by a superintendent level police officer to cover an area for a particular amount of time.

It is not a universal law that covers everywhere all the time, say like theft.

That is from memory though.

I don’t think the police are fascists, I doubt most of them have the intelligence to be fascists. I think they are sheep that do what they are told, and they are told what to do by fascists.

I don’t think our Government is fascist though, I just latched on to the word Busa used, which he used purposefully. He put that out there because it is an extreme word, it places people into an extreme group and it is harder to argue that issue.

The truth is our Government is self-interested. It has no knowledge of the vast majority of the people or the lives they lead. They have no connection to most of the country and work in their own self-interest.

Let’s call ourselves fascists though, because then it is anyone who opposes them that are on the edge, extreme and not connected to the real-world.

He probably got the idea from a memo sent out to the Daily Mail.

Kaos - do you not think if they intelligence that a crime is very likely to happen - they should step in first to prevent it? (Admittedly very difficult to know, or indeed then get a conviction)

I would fully support the use of rubber bullets and water cannons against tos*ers who are intent on damaging other peoples property and thinking the world owes them a favour.

The police should just hammer them!

A view no doubt shared by Simon Harwood.

Mr Tomlinson wasnt damaging anyones property!!

No, you shouldn’t be worried - all explained here - http://www.met.police.uk/foi/pdfs/priorities_and_how_we_are_doing/corporate/stop_search_s60_cjpo_sops_v3_2012.pdf

But Harwood judged that it was ok to sort out protestors - on a whim - based on his own prejudices - with no trial / defence etc. Policing a demo must be a nightmare - but steaming in on the assumption that “they all deserve it” is always going to be counter productive imho.

So Buza - is that how come they were arrested - refusing to comply with a Stop and search request?

Dunno, I wasnt there mate but refusal to remove face coverings / disguises in an area authorised under S60 will get you nicked. Quite right too imo, I have worked on these - not for 10 years + mind you, including some where things got nasty and I can see no justification in persons attending a gathering where they (and the Police) know there will be violence / problems and they start donning masks and face coverings.

I will be the first to stand up for peaceful protest but anyone that thinks that making things tougher for prosecutions to be made for disorder is wrong.

It could also be said (maybe not fairly) that you have these same prejudices as Simon Harwood was found not guilty of any criminal offences involved in the death of Ian Tomlinson.
Just thought I’d throw that out there but I will say that I am not in any way condoning or supportive of Harwoods behaviour.

Yes why should they cover their face at all while protesting against capitalism and our Government.

I mean, it is not like there isn’t CCTV everywhere and the police keep a massive database of images of people at protests. I mean if that happened you might not be surprised to hear that people didn’t want to have their faces uncovered, but thankfully we live in a free country where surely we wouldn’t keep records of people simply because they took part in a peaceful demonstration…


Cheers BB

My days of protesting are long gone - but there are some serious issues around right to protest / freedom of speech - vs the rights of others to be protected as/when things escalate. I do have a real problem with a blanket approach (Like water cannon / kettling / rubber bullets) that can not possibly differentiate between peaceful and violent protestors. Those intent on violence are rarely completely isolated from peaceful protestors.

Another debate - for another day.