Police Shoreditch High Street -> Bishopsgate

Police Shoreditch High Street -> Bishopsgate

Bored Bobby stopping bikes. Targeting black visors and small plates.

Got a warning myself.



Thanks for that, i live round there…and was going out later.

No probs. It’s the 2nd time I’ve seen this (same location) since Jan '07. Mostly during commuting morning hours.

Some people really take their jobs too seriously…ooooh lets stop him he’s got a dark visor and a small plate…grrrrr

Again this morning. Same location. Did not stop me this time as I lifted the visor well in advance :wink:

I never carry a clear visor during the day if I know I’m not going to be out after dark. Whats the score when they pull you over for a dark visor?? What did they say to you?

Well…first of all he asked for my license. Then whether I was aware dark visors were illegal.

I told him I used this particular visor during the day and that I was well aware of the police directive (stop and advise at will).

Also said my visor is smoked (certain percentage) and not completely dark. Hence my vision was not impaired if not improved during the day. This did not go down too well as his answer was…’‘well I could not see your face’’.

Subsequently he went on about my small plate. ‘‘Way too small etc etc’’

I lied and said it came with the bike. It being second hand and all.

He told me I could go but I should know that traffic wardens could charge me a 50 quid fine. He also advised to get rid of the plate. Nothing about the visor though…although that must have been the reason for stopping me on the way to work. As I moved off he already stopped another bloke with a tinted visor.

Traffic wardens can fine you 50 quid??? For the small plate? Crikey!