Police recovered bike and looking for its owner - KTM SX250F

Copied this word for word from the KTM forum

Hi GuysGot this from the met police today:KTM SX250F - 2009This bike was found by police in South London on 27/03/12 - devoid of all numbers (VIN and engine) - these have been restored !!The last known history of this bike is:Early to mid 2010 this bike was PX’d into Elderfield Motorcycles, it is unknown as to where the bike went from here but would have been stolen after this date!!<<KTM SX 250 F Wimbledon Job.doc>>If this is your bike you will need to provide VIN / Eng numbers and also crime reference number covering the theft of the vehicle.First part of VIN / Frame No - VBKMXJ4389M12?
Engine No - 9-77038?Hope you can helpPlease no silly calls this this the only bike I need to find the owner on - it is as described a 2009 SX250F.

MikePilbeamMetropolitan Police Service
SC&O9 Organised Vehicle Crime Unit
(Phone: 0207 2307771 / 07909 997389
2 Fax: 0207 2309896
: E-mail:[email protected]

I will post it on the MX websites