Police, pursuits, & deaths

Saw this video, and found it rather interesting.  It gives a very different light on the “footballers syndrome” that we seem have in this country.  The first link is the news story, the video is the sheriff’s rebuttal of the media reporting.



The IPCC would have a field day here over something like that.

That cop gets my backing.

That’s typical media nowadays. They need sensations and they need clicks. Three car thieves crashed doesn’t cause the same social media storm as “police brutality”, they didn’t save girls drowning in front of their eyes. 

Forbes even have a model where random contributors get paid based in the number of clicks - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbes#Forbes.com. There’s proper journalism for you.

Those of you who think the police can do no wrong, may get a hell of a shock later today. 27 years of police lies about to be shown up for exactly
what they were.

And the Ipcc Rusty seem to have done sfa in terms of ensuring the police who contributed to killing those 96 people are held to account.

There’s no one way or another in these things. The police put out lies through media partners and press releases and have done for years in an attempt to distort stories early on. Similarly, media only pick up on stories in a way that sells more papers with their audiences and, police blaming can sell papers. Without data they often distort the truth to be sensationalist and then publish a small correction later on.  

As institutions, wouldn’t trust one over the other to tell the truth.