Police on our streets

Amazing that before this new law one did not see a copper hardly ever when out, but now they are like a rash on our streets.

Where are you at mate?

Arent they just. Even rural Suffolk is seeing plod all over the shop. So much for a sneaky rideout :frowning:

I suspect with everyone at home, there are few robberies etc.

I saw a couple of dealers get done. They now stick out as sore thumbs hanging about… But they mustn’t have been the smartest bunch

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So I’ve got to go down to East Sussex ( ~1hr) on Sunday to do some plumbing for my mum, she was halfway through her bathroom job when lock down started. Her builder ( quite understandably) is not coming down till it calms down. So I’m going down to finish lots of the plumbing off and get her a minimum viable bathroom up and running.

Plumbers on the list of key workers, but I am of course not an actual plumber with a CSCS card but my Smithy van will be filled with plumbing gear and I’ll be dressed in full tradie get up.

I’ll let you know how I get on, whether I’m stopped etc.

I’ve so far resisted the urge to go for a ride but have got fixing the bicycle on my list of jobs this weekend and might go for an evening ride next week a couple of nights next week if I manage it.

They surely have Key Worker status

I’d bloody hope so