police officer attacked during a search

a police officer attacked with a knife during a custody suite search.

That is bad, and its even worst to think that the Police CCTV had been leaked!

Very lucky to be alive, why wasnt the knife picked up before he was transported to the station?

I do hope the poor misguided young chap didn’t have any mishaps on any stairwells whilst being escorted to a place of safety.

I’ve heard an oft forgotten Brogue can wreak (sp) havoc when inadvertently stumbled into.

Nice to see that the fellow will be looked after indefinitely though. Tax dollars well spent I feel.

What a chump!

Mega mega mega quick reactions by the officer doing the search.

I hope the idiot that did the original search was taking down a back alley and shown proper search procedure by that copper. He must have been FUMING after being placed in that much danger by one of his own!

Unless he did the search himself of course!

Very true! If that was the US they’d have killed him for pulling a knife like that. Far to many rules protecting low lifes like that in my opinion - whether fuelled with drink or whatever pull a stunt like that and he deserves everything he gets!

Great use of the desk to restrain his head and a nice quick response to the knife being pulled. Teamwork - you’ve got to love it.

And he’s got ginger hair…

Jeez that’s frightening

You would expect that in today’s climate detainees would have to walk through a metal detector like in airports.

Wasn’t there a Met station officer stabbed a few weeks ago?

Give em Taser guns I say

That was bloody lucky! Are these people insane or do they think about the reprecussions?

"hope the idiot that did the original search was taking down a back alley and shown proper search procedure by that copper. He must have been FUMING after being placed in that much danger by one of his own!

Unless he did the search himself of course! "

The search was probably done by the arresting officer we saw in the video. It is in fact quite easy to miss something in a search done on the street especially with a violent prisoner. I also think that the officer seen in the video was either quite inexperienced or a Special Constable as he took aged to get the cuffs off. Many moons ago I remember a prisoner getting into custody and when he was being searched producing a wartime webley revolver, loaded and ready to go, which the prisoner aimed at the custody officer and pulled the trigger! He was only saved by a quick thinking person who leapt on him and somehow managed to stop the mechanism working (It may have been a thumb stuffed in front of the hammer).

Did anyone see Road Wars recently where they had nicked a drug dealer and were counting out the money on the desk when another prisoner, completely unrelated to the drug dealer, who was being escorted past, leapt at the desk and tried to grab the money! I don’t know how these people think they’re going to get away with it.

you sound like you know the score Johnse…you old bill an all!!! There’s loads of your mob on here mate. Welcome!

of course the pending investigation will bring all that what took place, out-& i watched that road wars episode too.
bloody cheek of some prisoner’s hey johnse1!.


Horrific, and becoming all to common amongst the customers that the police deal with day to day.

Prisoners staying at Her Majestys Pleasure and scroats around london are teaching each other ways to counteract Police restraint and search menthods.

Pop into a gym near you and learn how to pull a knife quickley whilst being help in the prone position against a wall or whilst being moved around in an arm lock and various other techniques and spens hours of your time practicing in prison so when you get out you can kill a copper and get 2 weeks community service cos you had a rough childhood and have ‘Issues’.

they used to teach boxing and stuff in gyms and prisoners sewed mail bags how the world has changed…

and to the boys in blue out there…take care

your too right there bluestar!.

what an idiot! did he seriously think he’d get away with that with all those coppers there?


Shame the dork didnt fall on the knife accidentally. My niece has just embarked on a police career and has already faced a drunk brit wielding a knife in Majorca who had just stabbed someone leaving a club, as he stumbled and dropped the knife she and 2 mates also going into the force simply jumped on him and embedded their nails into his face and back! All 3 were called to the police station the next day to be thanked for their bravery and quick reactions.

Crazy people our boys in blue have to deal with. That’s one less scum-bag on the streets making peoples lives a misery.

one less jay, but sadly, not at all for long.


british justice!.


hahaha that was funny, no harm done know foul


I dont know how cops do what they do.

If I see people being mouthy or abusive when they are being arrested I feel like giving them a smack around the head-not sure how you keep your cool when they are directing the abuse at you, especailly at the end of a long night shift.