Police investigating lorry push video




holy crap!!!

remember this http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/strange/news-article.aspx?storyid=83750

I noticed the guy in the car was stepping on his brakes :smiley:

it looks worse than it probelly is.it has just happened and the truck brakes r on.have u any idea how long it would take to stop a fully loaded truck without it jack knifing.it looks scarey and im sure the car driver was sh…ing themselfs i know i would be but this sort of thing happens every day but people done catch it on film.plod must have been satisified.dont forget lots of trucks r fitted with forward facing cameras nowdays to record this type of incident for insurance perposes

What do you know about it? are you a truck driver or something? ;):hehe:


i drive trucks .he would know the car was there.but at 56 mph he cant do much about it

truck 1 car 0 :smiley:

Crazy :w00t:


Once saw a big artic. doing an emergency stop before T boning a car. (The old Brighton Road when it had all sorts of blind junctions on it.)

Despite 1960’s cars having no proper side protection, there wasn’t a great deal of damage and the car might well have been driveable except all four tyres had popped off the rims, which I guess accounts for all the sparks in that video.

I guess stopping a fully loaded artic/tanker at that speed is a bit like stopping a train.

you would be supprised how many car drivers try.driving standards now r very poor

indeed most drivers really dont think about it, it rerally annoys me when im in the lorry coming upto a junction or a red light and i have planned my braking distance then some fool thinks that its ok to dive in front just because there’s what seems like a big gap to a car and wonders why they get a blast on the horn :w00t:

I knew it would lead to this letting Ginger loose in one! :smiley:


yeah im sure he could see the car from the cab :smiley: