Police have hearts too

I was on the www and once again I was looking for stuff to trick up my gixxer and found this…

LB’s Trojan is in love



I told you I would get you back

Now remember if your in uniform & you see me ride on by, abuse of your powers are against LB rules

Lol … don’t you worry mate, I’ll get my own back !

LOL, that’s quality DA! Lucky to have swum with dolphines Trojan! I’d like to do that…

LOL Clinton!

Yea Jay its an amazing experience, im glad I got to do it!


Swimming? Looks like he’s gonna plant a Frenchie on it LOL

I might have been about to plant a little peck on his / her nose for the camera, but the picture with that one is recieving no air time whatsoever !

Believe me, no tongues were involved … filthy boy that you are !

Trojan be a sport show us the big kiss, you know you want to


You have two hopes and one is Bob ! Now Bugger off and leave me alone !