police force for sale


well no more to be said about the police than that link

LOL… brave man


I wonder if there is already, or soon will be, a flat for let in Surrey…now would probably be an appropriate time for that guy to move out of town. LOL

Major stones to pull that one off, though. :clap :clap :clap

hummmm… very intresting

Relly brave Jay! I take my hat to him

not just surrey, every police force should be put up for sale!. all the same!


Almost choked on m’brew!!

And why not, they are clearly a pack of to55ers, but I wonder about the replacement. A better, leaner, faster, more efficient police force.

Oh, on second thoughts…

Don’t even get me started on ‘Surrey Police’ i’ve got shares in the company… Small Plate my arse… ‘cough’

Well… The Surry Police REALLY must have pissed that guy off!!!

Another satisfied member of the public I think.