Police Escort Highway Code Question


@Curtis Strange isn’t it? I could ride the 1100 and 1300 Pan flat out without any issues, but the bxer BMW’s woud weave all over the place.

It was a weight thing with the Pan. Heavu=yweights like me never had a problem but lightweights suffered.

Never liked the 1300 anyway :slight_smile:


fuck, really?


I think one of the problems we had with the Ambulance bikes is the amount of weight we carried on the bikes rear end! Someone actually thought of weighing it as over time more bits were gradually added…turns out we was over the weight limit by a bit for the bikes and we had to minimise our kit some.

To remind us of the problem with the speed red tape was put on the speedo at 80mph…not that you needed it the weaving would let you know

The pans would wheelie quite easily especially coming out of a corner too if you gave it a bit too much throttle.

As for the BMW it took me a while to get used to them but I prefer them now apart from the horrific 1st gear


TrackDayJunkie used to say he had the same problem with Pan’s. Probably undersprung forks, hence why bigger riders wouldn’t get the problem because they had more sag.


Weight distribution on the 1300 was a massive problem but was never an issue with the 1100. But then on the 1300 you also sat further back in the saddle because there was less leg room than on the 1100.

@Curtis I was referring to the older R80RT’s and the K1000/K1100’s not the more recent boxers.

I was very fortunate in that I had one of the first Pan 1100’s in the British Police service and did much of the development work. It was a revelation after the bendy K1000’s and 1100’s althought the Boxers still remained better town bikes.

Being close to Bracknell we used to get asked to test some of the experimental stuff coming out of Munich and my Sgt had the first 16 valve K. Now if you ever wanted to see a bike weave as if it was going to break in half, that was the bike.


Oh I see! Sounds like fun times @T.C!


The RT’s used to wobble a bit…when doing over 120 :grin:

The trouble with following emergency vehicles is that some car drivers just nip in behind regardless of the
approaching motorbike and collisions occur.

Also the cyclist was on a Boris bike, so maybe not a regular.


Looks like RJ’s comment about “thinks rules don’t apply” was unfounded, doesn’t seem like the cyclist contravened the highway code from what we see