Police Dogs


And how it should be done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwxiKNrqUJs

wow - that second one is amazing!

The first one reminded me of my dog, as thats how silly he is… But as you say matt the second one is fantastic, should have more of them over here, that will stop the chavs thinking they can out run the police…

I used to take my dog for attack training (sorta just followed on from obedience school). The dog absolutely loved it! The trainer would work the dogs up into a bit of a frenzy, and my dog (Julius) would be going mental, but as soon as you mentioned his name he would stop, turn around and wag his whole body, he was so happy. Then say the word and he would instantly be in berzerk mode again, almost ripping my arm off trying to get at the guy.

He never bit anyone outside of training. Then one day, a guy that we passed on the way to the park didn’t hear us coming (I think he was pissed) and got a fright when we were about 3m from him. He quickly retreated and then started swearing and shouting abuse at me which I ignored, but when he threatened to poison my dog I got a little upset (Julius had been poisoned before by burglars) and decided to teach him a lesson by having the dog chase him a bit. Now a man who is running for his life isn’t exactly slow, but is absolutely no match for an eager dog. About 2 seconds after I let Julius go, I realised that I better call him back before he bites the guy. The moment I called him, he put on the skids and came straight back and sat beside me, happy as Larry. Then the guy started with the abuse again, but this time from much further away…

Holy Sheet !!

What a Contrast !!

The first one had me in bitz laughing and the second one is just “Awesome” !!

The second clip is actually Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Malinois) … I work with them quite a lot and pound for pound they are a fearsome and powerfull dog … you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of one of them !!

I don’t know about there but in the states if you kill or injure one of those dogs it’s the exact same punishment as if it was a real officer. The punishment for killing an officer is of course death…

Oh yes! one of those or and an Almax chain Or a pressa de canario. Great guard dogs. Didn’t know we used those over here Trojan.