Police Brutality at the Isle of man

Cop having fun at the Isle of man…:smiley:


hehee :smiley:

thats great i like to see a copper with a sence of humor…1 in well all of them

Think he might have had too much Bushys ale like the rest of us…:smiley:

This coppers a joker lol

very good to see this!! :smiley:

good on em

Towards the end I started to suspect he was in fact a comedian dressed as a policeman. Great fun, regardless. I really want to go to the TT at some point, trouble is I wouldn’t want to leave.

Nope he’s real, last time I lived over there he was based out of Douglas Central, main police station behind the pit area and our rugby club

i would’ve like to have been that tw@t and do exactly what he did

Although it is some years since I was there for the TT the atmosphere after TT week was very different, we went from being wonderful motorcycling people to scruffy yucky bikers over a weekend! Still not to be missed:cool: