Police biking skills

Only in Greece…


And what a time to do it, when you’re transporting the most high profile criminals to jail… (right wing fascist Golden Dawn members))


Well it goes to show you normally end up where you are looking :smiley:

Hahaha… idiot!!!

It makes you appreciate how well trained and professional our MC cops are…

Sometimes, I wish the UK police had Greek riding skills :smiley:


Excellent (hope you don’t mind but I’ve shamelessly nicked this and posted elsewhere) :smiley:


Like the way the guilty party rides off for a moment to himself before sheepishly returning to the scene.
What was he thinking? Hee hee…

Knowing the Greek police his thought process is probably something like this

  1. They’ll never catch me
  2. OH wait they know where I work
  3. Oh and there’s national TV cameras there
  4. Oh and witnesses
  5. ****, can I kill them all?
  6. No not enough bullets…
  7. Oh f*ck just go back and look like I’m helping