Police bikers show how it's done

hmm yep it matches my way of thinking … let it look after itself… and the onboard nanobots do its own repairwork …

As yoou point out there are similar issues with both rides. Hence I say that Class1 should recognize the techniques.

Your own view and perception is the one most people have and why I feel that most riders could be missing a lot from the Police video. Firstly, the Police aren’t going to release this video if they feel it will bring them into disrepute. The fact that all the contributors to this thread are debating the video means “job done” by Old Bill. Plus a small percentage of riders will sign up for some more training. Probably Bikesafe, were Plod will try to get you to do a proper Advanced Course.

You may have been helped into a misconception with regards the video I posted. Because of the rain on the screen of the camera bike visibility looks atrocious, the rider of the camera bike was said to be known, back then, to never use more than the first 2 gears. So him bouncing off the rev-limter gives the impression of speed.

As for that rider in shot being so far over the on the other side of the road, if like me, they know that the tight left hander all year round has varying amounts of gravel on the line you’d ideally take. Move to the outside of the gravel and there’s no margin for someone coming the other way crossing the center line. Move to the inside of the gravel you turn in a foot sooner which means trimming speed very slightly. As you exit that left hander in these conditions, with no oncoming traffic, you can aim between the white lines on the road and fire the bike up the road in 300ft good visibility on the natural trajectory of the machine - on the other side of the centre line. With good tyres my R1 would deploy huge power in the wet with no wheel spin because the inertia is heading that exact direction so the bike is stood vertical.

“In the main, it’s speed and some overtakes I’d modify in front of plod”
I’d assume most everyday plod won’t really be interested/impessed in the fact that you can ride fast safely. As long as its within the limit AND safe.
Most riders/drivers can stay within the speed limit & negotiate everyday hazards acceptably well.
Obviously though, as your speed rises, the time and space you have to respond to hazards decreases.
In Sneaky’s video, he highlights the difference between riding fast safely and just riding fast (imho)
Riding in wet weather is in itself an additional hazard but rather than decrease speed, riders show that by using the system, it is still possible to make progress.
That is ultimately what the police are trying to achieve. Ride fast (make progress) but do so safely.
For us Joe public, (or for me personally) riding safely and smoothly is priority. Using the system enables me to do so. Any increase in speed is an advantage but not a goal.

Harsh but true, Mrs J has complained about the slow pace a lot recently.:smiley:

However unless yer doing 120mph+ no-one could justify the last few seconds.

Hogging the middle lane is bad enough, hogging the outside lane is a right piss take.

Over to you Rusty.:pinch:

Is this a tease jizzstream?

I saw a plod training videos back in the mid 1990’s. They showed a guy fast response training in a SD1 Rover. The driver passes civvies at speed in the middle lane instead of the outside lane and I thought that incorrect as margin for civilian error was increased?

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Well if you are in three figures, lane 3 is the best place to be as it is normally clear of hazards. The obvious one is Joe in lane two not doing a
mirror signal and then moving to lane three but we would anticipate that no !

The video looked ok to me, not sure what all the fuss is about.
Many have ridden with plod riders, do they do much different.

Corrected yer interrogative finish for you.:smiley:

Have to agree, the video looked fine to me.

That said, have to say having a Police rider that close up yer chuf on Bikesafe is a little alarming.:slight_smile:

I thought this was a bikesafe 101. I’ve done two, and I try to ride like this. Riding on the opposite side of the road has saved my bacon numerous times

Niteowls video was shown to me again by a colleague and I sent them a link to this debate, I then started to read through it again. The above reminds me of something that happened the other week.

I was practising some driving techniques in the car when a Police van tried to overtake me up the inside using a 24hr Bus Lane (non-Blues and Twos). I needed the left lane at the end of the Bus lane so started to indicate left early so the driver of the van knew where I was going. He persisted with the maneuver so I began to pinch him towards the kerb. He then Blues and Twos me suggesting I wasnt paying attention and had not seen him. I gave him a right bollocking and explained which road he’d joined my road from, how and where I’d overtaken him. Why I’d indicated where I did and he should not have been in the Bus Lane or overtaking up the inside! He soon backed down when I got my camera phone and threatened to report him!

nice next time I’m taking the racing line and hitting the apex on a corner i will simply say officer i was straightening out the corner as shown at 2min 45 sec in your police bike video widely available on you tube…:P, i agree with jig they are not gonna be happy about you doing stuff like that.

From what I can remember of my Bikesafe day a couple of years ago, we were indeed told by the officers that, assuming that we’d checked and there was no oncoming traffic, we could indeed cross the central road marking to get a better view of the corner ahead.

fussin over nothing, ride like that in front of plod all day long, but at legal speeds;)

I’m off to do the training in a month and have requested to be allowed to take go pro for learning purposes so will post up some vids if allowed :slight_smile:

Nice one Curtis, would love to see that. Good luck.

I was under the impression that crossing the hazard line, either for straight-lining or getting a better view, was frowned upon. Other than that, everything was as I expected.

To those who think that plod will condemn you if caught riding as shown in this video, you are very much mistaken. The only difference will be a matter of speed, depending on how excessive you are and whether he considers it safe and appropriate.

With you on that ride4fun, in a car, straight lining is ok, but anything more than half a vehicles width is considered unnecessary, so a couple of bike widths over I guess would be comparable and therefore acceptable. Off siding for view is very much frowned upon now, you can get away with it if you loiter for a little post overtake, but need to be careful not to take the mick. Both used to be positively encouraged however amongst the advanced trainers, but neither should now be taught, or used as part of “The System” I have been told.

I was first advised about not crossing the hazard line for such purposes nearly thirty years ago. I get the impression this may be a bit of a grey area, depending upon who you ask, and for what purpose you feel it is necessary.

i think the problem would be the police would say if your travelling at the right speed for the road you should have no need to be crossing the lines or straighting out corners,obviously all being bikers you all know how when your behind cars sometimes they move over nearer to the kerb so you can overtake them ,well I’ve been taken to court for doing that and didn’t even cross the line to do the overtake.
found not guilty but just an example of what some police officers will try.

commuter-boy, what you describe sounds like overtaking when there’s a solid white line for your side of the carriageway. Some police officers think it means no overtaking, but that is not true; you just must not cross or straddle (in a car, for example) to overtake (there are some exceptions, such as pasing pedal cycles). This is all detailed within the Highway Code. I was given a ticket for legally overtaking and I managed to have the police force in question withdraw it.

As far as straightlining in concerned, a class 1 police motorcyclist would expect you to do so, as long as it is safe and there are nothing prohibiting you. It’s all in Roadcraft.