Police bikers show how it's done


Brilliant clip.

He has more faith in other road users than i do , that was cutting it close at the 1.00 ish mark .

Just like a Jets ride :smiley:

Easy on those roads, try that in central London with an examiner on your six.

Never a great fan of spending a lot of time on the wrong side of the road looking around corners - seen a lot of people trying it - seen a lot of startled oncoming motorists - real potential for a bike to bike head on. The only need for doing it is if riding in a progressive manner and in that case its not easy to get back into lane if your already at ten tenths and there is sudden oncoming traffic. Straightening bends is not an issue if you can see way ahead.

I would have liked to have seen either of them do an emergency stop in those wet conditions at the speed they were travelling at.

Having been out in Essex on BCR roads with a couple of police riders one thing I can say is that you’ll have a hard job keeping up as they ride in a relentlessly smooth manner, always positioning themselves for the next bend using throttle control rather than brakes. One thing I would also say is you will have even more trouble trying to outrun them and will probably kill yourself trying!

Just wish we could all have that kind of intensive training. I know Bikesafe addresses some of that but not all.

Lovely roads up in the Cambridgeshire :rolleyes:

I’d have been a bit more cautious around the farm buildings/entrances. The overhead power lines give early indication. However. I haven’t had the training they have & it’s easier to assess for real, than it is watching a clip :smiley:

Posted it to my Facebook and a mate wrote “Does it teach you how to harass and issue producers to everything with an L plate on?”



Ah yes Bob, you brought a Howitzer to a Sabre Duel! :smiley:

We can have all the relevant bit through RoPA/IAM. Great post niteowl. Thank you!:cool:

I would have like more explanation though with regards the full story of what was going on. There were some great advanced techniques not mentioned - like appearing to go a fraction early having left the roundabout with the oncoming white articulated lorry. :frowning: May be “a little knowledge being a dangerous thing”? Great video if the full story can be given to us.

Commentary would have been good but then that does make it a bit easy. Prefer to re-watch it.
I was actually quite interested to see the position of the examiner in relation to the other (lead) bike. Quite a bit further out in some cases.
As I sometimes ride as part of a pair, I like to see examples of good teamwork with regards road positioning.

If the video is a demonstration to you and I on how to do it safely. Then the example given at 10 mins 40sec on leaving that roundabout, the commentary you rightly suggested, could contain that “there is/isnt a view underneath the oncoming lorry and the likelihood or not of another motorcycle popping out from behind it”? It being and car or bike is further debate but that’s determined by another Advanced Motoring App. This is the element of Advanced Motoring that the untrained know nothing about so the Advanced System gets poo-pooed by them in our ignorance. From the distance from the rider to the lorry in good light you’d see a bike not obscured by the lorries wheels 8-10 car lengths behind the lorry. In the rain or dark you’d see the headlight reflecting off the road between the wheels.

There is water in that blue light on the back of his bike.

and would they seriously let you ride like that if they were following you?

Yes, why not? The rider is showing good all around vision (determined by his/her reactions in good time to whats up ahead - arriving at the correct road speed/road position), good info being given and taken in (determined by what he/her is doing - how he/she is applying The System), good road positioning and anticipation. Extra margin is being given for other road users errors. Had the camera not been on, I’d wager a bit more progression would have been the order of the day in the open stuff?

Good safe ride to me…or did I miss something?:blush:


If we could ride like that, then yeah!:stuck_out_tongue:


If the general public rode like that, a following police vehicle would have words with you :Whistling:

I generally do (try to) ride like that in the wet (obviously I’m better than them!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ). Old Bill…well Traffic, should easily recognize that you are properly trained and be glad of it! Ah, is that it? I’m thinking if “the guys in the video” followed us, these are Class1 drivers/riders. They should have no problem, they, not the guys driving the panda cars and should be glad to see you have taken on the extra training and are putting it to good use?

Here’s a video that makes my case. From 3mins 20secs some of the things a following Class1 copper should see from the first rider in front of the camera are:

Systematic, safe smooth progress. Crossing the white “slow” road markings on the thinnest horizontal parts of the L’s and O’s where appropriate. Slowing for the cyclists at 4min 40secs using “acceleration sense”, but dabbing the brakes to illuminate the brakelight as a warning to those following and then splitting the hazard of the cyclists and oncoming traffic with the traffic from behind.At 6mins 24secs he’s right where he should be (2ft from the offside edge of the road).6mins 47sec he’s over the white line again to increase safety margin, the camera bike has suddenly caught back up meaning the rider in shot had slowed for this hazard too.entering the speed restriction at 8.04, again, power rolled off in good time/flash out breaklight for the benefit of those behind (camera bike has caught up again).


Many Class1 driver/riders are Observers/Examiners for Advanced Organisations and Clubs so they not only trained to drive/ride to high standards, many have the ability to spot who’s trained and how good you really are almost immediately. They recognize stuff many of us don’t even know exists!

Ps, back to the video, by contrast, after the edit at 8mins 17secs the camera bike takes the lead. To the Class1 copper the speed in the 40 limit now looks questionable, the overtake on the car has no safety margin at all (extra space could be put between car and bike, theres 6ft of empty road wasted to the bikes righthand side) and the overtake on the cyclist afterwards is what would likely get you stopped. The difference in rider approach is huge and the first rider clearly faster as the camera bike appears to be dropped every time. So I maintain if the 3 coppers (2 bikes and the marked car following them) in niteowls video were to follow these 2 riders, they’d both get followed, but only one would get stopped.

I would say if Mr Plod in a car was following you and you were riding like that, over on other side of road etc, you would get pulled and spoken to, maybe fine, points, whom knows, it depends on what Mr or Mrs Plod you get.

Then we’ll agree to disagree :smiley:

In the main, it’s speed and some overtakes I’d modify in front of plod, I really wouldn’t expect to get pulled by Class1 riding like the rider in my video. Merry Christmas!:cool:

Im with the riotus one … if that’s how they are trained and how you have been trained or learnt from the same book which is publicly available and is the basis of the system then they cannot fault it if it is executed in its correct manner .

You agree with my bike?:cool: