Police bike look a likes...

further to the topic the other day saw this bike this morning in the car park at london wall it has the light and even the siren speaker at front

… and the rider had all the gear and even imitation of walkie-talkie and gun…


ps. sorry I couldn’t resist.

WTF have they done that for? Emergency Ice Cream service???

Blood bike?

mobile mechanic?

Hahahahaha! - Brilliant!:smiley:

I think someone failed their police entrance exam!

Nope, I volunteer for Serv and they don’t look that naff!

jeez man, hes should not be allowed on the road, if your that paranoid about getting hit drive a fucking car.

Never make fun of ice cream! Especially if it’s an emergency, you’re making fun of these brave guys

no suggestion of serv, some of the commercial bikes get the full treatment! crazy looking things

That is an ex police BMW F650GS single by the looks of it.

:smiley: They’re a bloody life saver at the seaside when you’re dying for a 99…

Is it an ex one of these…all the way from Trumpton?

No its not, I park next to his bike almost every morning, he has another three bikes including a Goldwing, he is part of BikeSafe Essex.