police bike exhibition on new cross road

a good 10 or so police motorcycles all lined up. seemed to be tugging bikes as they had about 4/5 people they were having a chat with. anyone get pulled or know what it was about? i was lucky enough not to find out…

Police bike exhibition? … LOL :D:D:D:D

Probably the usual things loud cans and small plates. Must have had their earplugs in & eyes full of rain when you went past. :smiley:

lol. well that’s what i thought, “oh sh*t, here we go” but nope. got a look from the fella pointing people in but either they were too busy already or my bar muffs deployed the relevant subterfuge :hehe:

Yup the bar muffs are a weapon of mass distraction


Amazing what an amount of stolen bikes they find every time they do a spot check on bikes. I don’t mind stopping for a couple of minutes if it means that a potential bike thief is caught.

Really good point :slight_smile:

Don’t know about bikes, but I know with cars that something like 20% of cars stopped for no tax/insurance etc in London are being driven by someone who is wanted for something else.

Ok, point taken, still peed off from being stopped and lectured about my (legal sized) number plate being ‘the wrong angle’. “How are the investigations into my stolen car and two burglaries progressing then?”

Where about in New Cross Road?

Ditto. I went past there with a loud can, but the White Lid and HiVis of Innocence paid off. I was not stopped, but had just been on redline in 1st/2nd when I spotted them and rolled off fast, just grumbled past them at lower revs… :smiley: