Police auctioning siezed bikes on ebay

Have a look. comes with keys but you’ve got to apply for the V5 and no service book. Mind you with only 4k on the clock probably worth a punt.


probably get a tug everytime you pass a copper.

or even worse.

the previous owner might have done a ride by shooting. try explaining to a gang of hoodies after they drag you off screaming that it wasnt you.

or is that just my imagination…???


Could be uninsured, be bought with criminal proceeds. Who ever it was could be doing time and the police are stipping off assets. Happens lots stateside, don’t hear about it much over here.

Stripping of assests happens over her quite a bit, dont even have to be convicted, if you cant prove any legal income they can seize your vehicles and money.

I know a few people its happened to

Nice anniversary model that complete with anniversary edition Yoshimura can :slight_smile:

added to watched items :cool:

Don’t care who I’m buying from I wouldn’t like to

before I got my hands on the bike. :w00t: