Police at Old Kent Road

Police bikes hiding at the end of Old Kent Road - just before the roundabout on the left northbound before New Kent Road. They are usually round the corner on New Kent Road but not this morning - looks like they’re looking down the Old Kent Road at oncoming traffic, perhaps for anyone speeding.

There has been a police Range Rover parked on the bend in a side street further back where the Old Kent turns in to the New Kent Road, possibly ANPR then sending the info to the bikes who are further up the road and pulling people, would guess they are looking for non-insured/taxed vehicles.

Pictures tell a thousand words

This was yesterday. Looks like they snared a guy and were checking his bike out.

Lol the display on the right makes it look like you’re doing 140!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Lol an easy mistake to make! It’s just 14.0 volts running through the battery. :slight_smile:

There was a massive team of Old Bill on the Old Kent Road this morning - North Bound, bit further south past the Dun Cow…there was literally about 20 of them pulling up cars and bikes. Would have put up a picture like Premises but the camera decided not to work today.

i saw them too. i was at the front when they stopped the traffic. wasnt pulled over though. I have it on my handlebar camera likely. will upload it later to my you tube channel


here they were this morning

Saw loads of riot cops/vans on Camberwell new rd about 10am.