Police arrest biker to take helmet cam...

Interesting vid. Stop begins at 3.09.

one word for that copper…******.

American police LOVE to overreact!


So I guess the police at least didn’t delete the footage since it’s here. Where can we find out more about the story?

The second I knew this was in America I stopped being surprised! America has become really mental and it has got to the point I feel very sorry for the people who live there.

WTF. That copper has gone completely power crazy…

I hope they kick that cop outta the force… Twat… Comes to mind

its kind of a well known phenomenon isnt it… power going to ones head…

what a total **** !

Madness, so police realised they were in the wrong and then did all they could to make up a reason to arrest him…Absolutre joke!!!


There you go.

so just to let people know this is not just in the us i got this in the post this morning the videos in question was me and a mate geting lost and ended up going down a part we wear not so post to then turned around and went back.

DTR - Ross -

How the copper get the video?

THought his response was polite enough in the letter…

Youtube… which I always think is a big no no - especially if you do something you shouldn’t do…

That letter doesn’t seem to say he is arresting you or taking any action - I think it’s just a warning. Fair enough if it’s that, no?

My advice would be to remove those videos and then perhaps give him a call to say you have done so so that other riders don’t think it’s ok to ride down those areas… As you stated it was an honest mistake and you are taking action not to do it again…

The cop in the States is a complete prick because he tries something to get the camera and then invents a cause to be able to arrest the guy when he argues he has no cause. I’m guessing that the reason we can see this footage is because someone higher will have seen it and told the cop so… In my mind that’s complete abuse of his power. Then they wonder why people hate the police?

the videos have been removed and i have given them a call and said im really sorry to which i got a that’s fine its just a warning if we catch or see a video of this bike doing it again you will get a section 59 and we can take the bike and crush it i watched throw all the videos and the ones he is referring it is one wear my and my mate got lost and he fell off so i added that into a video but we wear not so post to be there and i think it was with one of you guys on a ktm 625 or 640 cant rember who exactly it was but i took a slight short cut across a little wooded section.

So is there a number of coppers going through Youtube videos looking for criminal riding? Andrei might get a knock for one of his road rages :stuck_out_tongue:

Criminals with badges. Shocking.

…and what makes me laugh about Ross’s letter is that the old bill can sit on their arses trawling through youtube threatening to section 59 people who are basically doing f*** all wrong, but they can’t look at CCTV footage of scum stealing someone elses property to go and arrest those scum instead? Fucking useless pricks.

Bet the american cop was bullied in high school and now has his badge and his gun and tries to make everyone feel smaller then him. Sad thing is there are a small few of these twats in the British police service. Not all i may add, as i was pulled over by an un-marked black BMW 5 series (Met road traffic division) a few nights back in Raynes Park as he see me get in a little bit of road rage with a car driver that had just cut me up. The police offer couldn’t have been nicer, let calmed me down and sent me on my way.
Just a shame about some other twats out there trying to make the roads safer.

Also agree. When my bike was reported stolen i got a letter the next day saying case was closed due to no leads :blink:


Well googled, that man :cool:

This is how I view the difference between London and Texas.


UK Officer. Sir I’ve pulled you over because there have been a number of crimes locally committed by people riding sports motorcycles and I believe your helmet camera could help us in our enquiries.


US Sheriff. I’ve been ordered by my boss Chief Hogg, whose sponsors (private run prisons) have told him, either arrest as many sports bike riders breaking the law this holiday and send them to our jails so we can make money or we won’t fund your election next year. I think your camera could help me lock truck loads of them up so hand it over boy.

The motorcyclist refuses.

UK Officer. I’m arresting you for perverting the course of justice and withholding evidence.

US Sheriff. OK boy, your civil rights protect you, until that is I bust you on a trumped up charge and get that film anyway. Yay one more biker in jail bonuses for my boss.