Police and thieves

I’m still reeling from my recent loss and the more I look the more I find that bikes are going missing at a rapid rate. Personally I’m sickened by their blatant daylight robbery. Would anybody be interested in joining me in a covert operation to uncover these perpatrators.

I want to bate a bike with the latest tracker device and leave it in thieving hotspots. I’m not going to be able to survey it all the time but would like to put a team together to share the responsibility. The aim is to discover who these gangs are and where they’re taking our posessions for stipping. I would like a team of volenteers to survey the bike during a working week in order to catch the thieves on camera. Alert the police and other team members in order that we can safely follow in relay. The aim is to shut down their operation and others like it.

If you are able to give up a few hours a week or can help in anyway please contact me.

I’m looking for assistance from police and would be grateful for any legal advice on this subject.


I think it’s admirable that you want to do something practical to take the fight to the bike thieves. There are some practical problems though.

Whose bike are we going to use? I only ask as when these people are disturbed they don’t gently put their bike down and say"It’s a fair cop, guv" - They will drop the bike and run, or throw it at you. Not many people will be willing to lend you a nice stealable bike knowing how it may end up. I was once involved in a pursuit of a Transit van involved in bike thefts, where they were lobbing bikes out of the back of the van to stop the police following - my own part in proceedings was halted when an R6 landed on my bonnet (and afterwards I had a lengthy discussion with a garage Sergeant about following too closely :smiley: )

Who is going to watch the bike for the length of time required? We could sit there all week, and nothing could happen.

If it’s tracker equipped you are probably thinking that the police can just get to where it is and find it… I’m not going into details on a public forum, but the whole tracker thing isn’t that straightforward.

You have suggested the police are involved? Sadly this kind of operation requries a very large number of officers, and lots and lots of planning. Again I can’t/won’t go into details on a public forum, but the costs incurred by the police would be horrendous… and at the moment resources are being diverted into the latest media frenzy…

Sorry I can’t be more positive

+1 - Ask yourself…where did these cheap parts come from? Is it an honest man breaking a bike he’s crashed - or is it someone elses pride and joy?


Firstly… Thanks for your replies.

Alone we can’t do anything… that’s true.

Buying a steelable bike is not out of the question and not impossible with so many members.

A web cam is a cheap realistic surveylance alternative and positioning at a hotspot is easy work.

I don’t want to confront these people I want to follow them and find out where all our bikes are going. I am looking for a few good people who will be able to help share the tailing on and off of these vehicles. We all have mobile phones and we are everywhere. The success of this operation will be in it’s stealth and the comunity of this website pulling together.

We can’t all adopt an atitude of “there’s nothing I can do” because out there right now…a small group of people are helping themselves to our belongings. There are more of us than there are of them.


Just a thought but what’s to say that some of these thieves actually read these sites we write on? So a covert mission is pretty unlikely.

Personally i am in the process of wiring up a new style of alarm to my baby that just may work…


not the best answer, but still-best left to the law, the police to deal with these matters.
it’s very easy ending up the criminal not a victim in stuff like this.

wiring up a LARGE capacitor of some sort would put anyone off after touching the bike :w00t:

…and the spike will poss kill your electrics too?:stuck_out_tongue: