Police accident prevention

He got to be having a laugh

Bad visability damp roads and he jumps out to stop them




Does that mean on his progress report it will say:

“Accidents prevented: -1”

Will that be shown on BikeSafe days

so , wonder what he wanted to stop them for. bad visibility, damp roads, just maybe they were speeding. :D:D:D only one outcome I guess.

He had radar in his hand I think. Obviously Police fault, bikers were riding in appropriate to the condition speed.


Cops , really , sometimes someone needs to have a word . Like those ones chasing some dude in his car at over 100mph while the guy had 3 kids in the car… till he crashed . If that is not a case that should end the stupidity of high speed chases along public roads for minor issues like " he might have had drugs in the car " I do not know what is .

If you have kids in your car then it’s probably not a good idea to be running from the cops let alone giving them a reason to chase you…

The guy was an idiot , that’s for sure , but is an idiot worth risking the lives of other normal folks going about their day to day for . Pull back leave him go , pick him up later .


Yeah - high speed chases are retarded - in most cases not worth it.

They had a camera wouldn’t it have been better

To send the penalty to them





If the biker couldn’t stop, then how is it the cops fault??? Maybe the biker was riding too fast for the conditions (or for his ability).

Looks a lot like the mountain road on the TT course…

Of course it could be any mountain road anywhere…

Edit: Yes it looks like hes holding a speed camera… which wouldn’t make sense on the mountain TT part as it’s unlimited.

Still, trying to stop him at high speeds with this little notice is dangerous. First guy only just managed to get it stopped…

Yeah they probably were ,and they were also stupid enough to be filming their speedos , but the cop doing that type of stop in the fog … it’s not rocket science to work out the likely result .

So let me digest that… If I have a child in my car, is no worth to chase me whatever I do?

Fucking hell man up people, to not describe too much to you for your understanding I will call begining of The Spiderman (movie or comic book choice is yours). when Peter P. did not stop guy who stole money and then the very same guy is killing his uncle.

Do you now understand why Police risking his life to catch criminals or is still too far from your house to give a ****?


I rather be stopped and given a bollocking, and told to bugger of. as last time I got stopped.

OK, so the guy who locked up was doing 90MPH according to his speedo. In fog.

FFS people - use the brains god gave you would ya…

Aim for the copper and run him over, not going to get your plate while he’s on the floor lol

Seriously though if the conditions are bad enough not to see a guy in hi viz then you clearly are going too fast to stop.

If that wasn’t a police man (who had enough luck to jump out of the way) but your son or daughter, or my son or Mrs… what then? Stupid because they were crossing road or smth?


No , it is not worth chasing someone with an innocent in the car , especially when that innocent is on a public highway full of innocents and the speeds and madness of the driving result in the chase only ending when someone crashes into someone or something . We are not living in a hollywood movie , this is real life , maybe you need less spiderman and more news and current affairs ??