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Can I just make clear that I am not a “friend” of anybody at Pole Position. I used them when my XT660 was running badly, and the guy at the scootershop behind London Bridge got it going (free of charge) and recommended to me to take it there. I’ve been back a couple of times with the XT since for services, tyres etc, and have always been treated well.

As I mentioned before, TanyaD, whoever she may be, had made 16 posts when she brought this one up again (nearly a year after her first post about it), after she hadn’t actually read the response from Pole Position on the original thread. This is what she writes in a PM to me: “Anyway, thanks for pointing out their response to my last thread, …”
It certainly a woman on a mission, but not really a contributing member it seems.

Any shop will have people who had good and bad experiences, but I don’t think it’s fair to re-post a shame a year after the incident, ignoring the detailed response on the first time, and it’s certainly not fair accusing members to post Praise because they’re “friends”, when that clearly isn’t the case.
Similarly, I’ve praised other shops and mechanics, not because they’re friends but because I was treated well.

Let each one read the accusation and the detailed response from the accused and make up their own mind. I’m not technical minded at all either, but the situation seems pretty obvious to me, but please let’s not hijack other praise or shame threads!

tut tut no need 4 the shirty comment on the end just think of what happend to andy gray :w00t:

EH??? :


*The most honest and hardworking mechanics I have ever come across in europe [Smile] [Cool]

Dropped by kawasaki zx6r j1 last week for a carb rebuild and balancing and brake service. Went on Saturday to pick it up and because I said that the bike was not performing better than before, they insisted to keep my motorbike until they perfectly balance it and tune it to the best, without charging me for the extra work. The actual words that Greg said were: “I am not giving you the bike like that, if it was working better before we are going to strip down again and see what’s going wrong.”

In addition they run a compression test on my engine for free and the overall price was reasonable.

I will definetely go back again and I very highly reccomend them to the forum. *


Last time i’ve checked i was a woman…:laugh: anyways, being a woman meself, i trust intuition Tanya had. I had to quickly read through this thread so apologies if i’ve missed something out, but Tanya could you tell us who were those people who looked at your bike the second time round? cause if they’re good they should definitely be listed in here :slight_smile: ( cause you never know i might end up needing a service…and wouldn’t want to use cowboys )

and for a competition purposes as well :wink:

ok just saw the other old thread…few long standin members said they were ok…

ah anyway can’t be bothered, if something goes wrong i’ll get back to this thread, but at the moment i got other fish to fry :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

it was me … i’ll service ya … i mean bike … :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that was one week before my bike stopped starting in the morning properly, and before I noticed on the motorway it would not run smoothly above a certain speed. The problem, when they put back together the carbs, they didn’t pay attention on the necks of the carbs and were not air tight, also the airways were not connected properly. :cool:

I was really excited to have my bike after a week and a half… didn;t know what was to follow :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe:

How long did the other bike shops take to check if the valve shims had been changed ?
They’re under-bucket shims on those, and it does take hours to strip the bike, remove cams and physically look at them.If you were only in the shops a short while, then they’re talking shite.

Note: I have no opinions on any bike mechanics - I don’t use them, but do all my own work (on two bikes, a ZX-6 and a ZX-9)

What a now boring and pointless thread of people nit picking.

PPR have stated whats what, and not everyone will agree.n TanyaD has also stated whats what, but again, not everyone will agree.

Time to leave this post be i think.

I’ll gladly double check if you want a second opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

What you gonna do, pop around & peek through the windows to see if she’s in the kitchen? :hehe:

Watching this thread evolve is better than any TV programme:D

My Big Fat LB Service. :slight_smile:

Getting quite confusing as to who is shaming/praising whom. As I read it so far it’s shame 1 Praise 2 going into extra time

I thought that was an interesting programme myself- amazing cake.

Will there be a penalty shoot-out ? TanyaD, get yer boots on:w00t:

Hardly worth doing up the laces, the English always lose in penalty shootouts! :smiley:

hahahaha:D I can say that Anna is defo all lady :P:D

Better than East Enders :stuck_out_tongue: and will probably run longer too :smiley: