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Thanks Greg for getting my Bandit up and running again after being knocked over. Excellent service & the carb clean out / valves has given me a much smoother ride!

Would have no hesitation in recommending, friendly service and happy to answer my questions about the selection of bikes filling the workshop!


Thank You Goat for your custom and recommendation, you are welcome anytime :))

All the best!

Pole Position Racing

Can I ask what sort of money that cost on the bandit and where pole position is based. Bandit needs a damn good looking over to make her run lovely again.

you are kidding me right??? PPR totally scammed me out of £500 last year. Took my bike for a full 13000 mile service, they said they were replacing my shims.Kept my bike for 5 days and 3 other bike shops I took it to afterwards told me I had been scammed that for £500 (7 hours labour) they couldve rebuilt the engine, they hadnt replaced the shims and they definitely hadnt done the service because the calipers were so dirty, they hadnt been near them. Not only that, throughout the 5 days, they kept telling me the work would cost £350, when I turned up to collect it, it suddenly went up to £500 in the half hour I had spoken to them to find out if my bike was ready. And 5 days to service a bike??? youre having a laugh


is this the one on old(new) kent road your talking about?

It’s on the Highway in Wapping, near that walk-through McDonalds. Stopped by for a browse the other day and the used bikes they were flogging didn’t look much kop.

Sounds like they really mugged you off TanyaD! Cheers for the heads up!!

I know, I was really annoyed, I had to pay the same again to get the service done :frowning: If they had done the shims then they wouldve replaced the air filter which really needed replacing at the time. My bike ran like a dog after I got it back from them, hence the reason I landed up taking it to get looked at again by someone else.

Haha, you make me laugh! 16 posts, and most of them moaning about the same incident, which was responded to in detail by the other party:

First time you talk about replacing valves, no shims, what’s the next iteration of your story?

Anyhow, each make up their own mind. I had my old bike with Pole Position a few times for various things and always received really good service from a friendly bunch of bike nuts, at a reasonable price.
They used to be on the New Kent Road.

Don’t mess with a bitter woman. :smiley:

Just read their reply on the other thread

Sounds like they reckon they sorted out some serious engine problems for a pretty good price…

Sounds like you speak from experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Dresie, I never saw their original reply until now but I can tell you right now that they are talking pants. My bike ran like a very sick dog after that, and they said they had replaced all the tappitt shims and 2 other bikes shops looked at them and said they were not all new. Ive never had any serious problems with my ZX6R, all that was wrong with her at the time was dead battery and thats what I took her in for originally. They offered me a good price to do a full service which they clearly had not done, if they were doing any other work, then they didnt tell me about it and my invoice doesnt say anything about it. And ultimately, like I said, it was just rubbish to ride after that so paid another 500 to get my engine cleaned up and done properly. You can scoff, laugh and ignore my post but with my last mechanics that I was with for 15 years (Ducati Proteam who annoyingly moved to Kent) I never had any problems with servicing any of my bikes. I now use Sunami. The only good thing about that incident, thats how I came to learn about LondonBikers :slight_smile:

seriously, Im not a petrol head like you so I dont remember all the terminology for the various bits so I thought valves were the same as the shims. I just happen to look at my invoice recently so thats the discrepancy. Each to his own mate but you can understand the fact that I would pay 500 for a bike to be serviced and for it to run even worse and have to pay another 500 to get it back on track would be extremely infuriating. The bike shops I took it to after get great reviews and they all said the same thing about what I had received.

Its just really not nice to laugh at woman bikers, yeah I admit I dont know my ass from my elbow when it comes to mechanics, but thats why I was taken advantage of and its really nice to be laughed at about it.

If you want to see my invoice, you will see that none of what they are saying they did was actually done.

Many blokes wouldn’t dare, many a ‘woman’ biker is a better rider than I could ever be and will know way more about mechanics than me … not hard as I mostly know bugger all about how the bike works other than what end I should be facing and where the key goes !!Good luck with getting the issue resolved.

We are in Wapping.
Unit 5, 100 The Highway.
E1W 2BX London.

0207 702 9381 Please call us and we will answer all your questions.

Best regards,

PPR Team

This is an interesting topic

Tanya you say you took it in for a new battery and chain/sprocket set and PPR say they didn’t need replacing. You suggest that you are not mechanically minded so were they right about not needing replacement?
Not knowing about mechanics is totally fine it does my head in when workshops take people for a ride cos they don’t know much about bikes etc.

PPR you’ve given a fancy reply with plenty of engine jargon referring to shims and tappets etc. You fail to mention why you charged the customer 500 when a verbal agreement of 350 was made to replace battery, chain/sprockets and service.

Tanya if the bike was running fine before why did you take it in?
PPR if you charged her to sort out the compression and valve gaps then shouldn’t you have checked to ensure you had made an improvement?

Sounds right to me. If that’s the case then I shudder to think if brakes would be checked if they were worked on. I’m keen to hear the reply on these matters

As I replied on Tanya’s topic (have a look there for details) I had massive problems with Pole Position and servicing my zx6, very similar to Tanyas. I would personally avoid and not recommend. I would prefer to see my bike braking down rather than trusting those guys again…It seems like they PP asked from a couple of friends to write a good review to raise their profile after so many complaints…

I vote SHAME PP… and bikers should avoid.

Especially one that’s also been badly serviced… :wink:

Dear TanyaD and all other users of LB forum,
We are forced to represent ourselves again on this forum. For all of you who heard all bad comments about us please take a minute to get your point of view, not influenced by other users approach whether negative or positive. Please refer to a post made by TanyaD on 11/04/10 one month after the job has been invoiced (03/03/10). On the 14/04/10 we replied to TanyaD`s post.

For starters bike has been brought to us in recovery van. WE NEVER DONE THE SERVICE ON THIS BIKE!!! TanyaD wanted a service (minor- £120 all in), new CSK (chain & sprocket kit- with DID Gold X-ring fitted £160) and new battery (around £40 to 60 depending on quality, brand etc.). On the quote we reserved around £30-50 for any surprises during the job. That is what TanyaD wanted and that was her original £350 quote.
What we did instead could only be described as: CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation). Each cylinder was showing compression of maximum 2 bars. It must have been a result of storing the bike for a substantial amount of time. Where and how it was stored we don’t know. All we had in here was a dead Kawasaki with no compression. We decided to get it going if it was possible and then decide on any additional work i.e.: service, CSK, battery etc. Low compression has guided us to inspect the valves as it could have been a direct/additional cause. We only changed 9 (mistaken amount of 8 in the last post, correction after we checked an invoice and please don’t pick up on this as a major mistake/problem) shims out of 16 (to lower your costs again and because that is how it is done), and the rest was swapped over. We know from Suzuki Bandit which has the same problem (low comp. from storing) how to bring piston rings back to working order, so they would build compression again and that’s what we did. We obviously changed spark plugs as they were exposed to unburned fuel whilst attempting to start the engine. We obviously changed the oil and filter as this is a basic action done to the bike in service intervals (also if trying to start with no result for a long time). We obviously DID NOT change the air filter as it is washable sponge. We obviously DID NOT change the battery nor the CSK because it was in good working order.
We charged for 2 hours trying to diagnose why the bike doesn’t start, electrics, checking compression, fitting spark plugs, changing oil & filter. We charged 1 hour labour to free off stuck rings. We charged 4 hours labour on valve clearance. Seven hours – well, have your own opinion.
On top of it all we could not get hold of TanyaD (few attempts to contact customer during these 5 days).The only time we talked to report compression issue, TanyaD wanted us to change cylinders. On the day of pick up before we could explain anything we have been given a real hard time in a front of other customers and bad name month later on the internet and now this action repeted one year on.

To all: We never wanted to be a cheap garage. We always wanted to provide best service possible. We expect to be paid for it. We are proud of what we do and we know what we are doing. We do things right or not at all. We do not lie or charge for something that has not been done- GUARATEED. We are not wizards just mechanics and humans. For miracles- see your priest in local parish.

To fellow traders: We will never say a bad word about other garages as it is unprofessional from trading point of view. What you do with your customers bikes is none of our business. If you can rebuild the engine in 7 hours please send us your CV.

To TanyaD: If it makes you feel better I have wasted about 3 labour hours to reply to the story. Good on you! you cost me £162 in losses. It reduces your bill to £329.49 which is within the quote.
If you, dear TanyaD still have a problem with us you could go to Trading Standard Agency or to Small Case Court to open a case against us, rather than slacking us of on the web. We will be delighted to represent ourselves in these proceedings. You look like a lady (your profile picture), why not behave like one. We did not do anything wrong to you or your bike and our conciseness is clear.

Thank you all for attention.
Gregory Pytel
Managing Director
Pole Position Racing