Points in the post?

Tried a different route into work this morning to see if it was any quicker than my usual route. At one point in my journey I needed to turn right at a junction at a set of lights…however I didn’t see until the last moment that it was a no right turn junction. I made a split second decision and decided to turn right anyway, as I wasn’t sure where I would end up if I carried straight on.

After I made the manourve I thought to myself “That was a bit daft” and then realised that a CCTV camera could’ve clocked me and I could end up with one of “those” letters in the post.

Anyway I checked on Google maps and sure enough there are CCTV cameras all round the junction except on the road that I was coming out of.

I just wanted to know what people think my likelihood of being collared for this indiscretion is? Does the CCTV operator have to have seen me turn right? Can CCTV operators enforce endorsable offences.

I really pray that my clean licence remains that way and I know what I did was daft, but it was one of those quick decisions which on reflection I probably shouldn’t have done. Just hope I don’t have to regret it even more with points on my licence!!

i got photographed (say cheese!) doing a right turn where i shouldnt

got a letter from the council (not the police) and had to pay a fine - no points

so worse case scenario expect to pay £60 (i think it was)